The GMG Readers Spoke And We’re Listening- Changes Based On Your Feedback…

Many readers (and some of our own contributors) had made comments that the long scrolling posts sometimes are annoying, especially if that particular type of post is not one that interests that particular reader.  I get that it could be an annoyance to some who want a perfect blog reading experience.   The amount of time and energy our contributors put into their daily posts is really remarkable, especially considering that all of their time is donated.  Most of the music and food posts are very very long arduous tasks to complete and of course they are so detailed that they take up a lot of space and scrolling time.

In reference to Sista Felicia’s posts, having step by step visual photos of each process in the creation of a dish on a pretty much daily basis is a gift.  If you look back she hasn’t pimped her book in almost a month while providing a ton of detailed recipes, cooking tips, home decoration projects, bird feeder projects, ect, ect, ect.  Now that being said, I understand that if you could care frickin less about recipes or home decoration projects, then scrolling through her long posts about those subjects could be a minor annoyance. 

So my friend Bill O’Connor had sent in some code that we were trying to figure out how we could use to truncate the longer posts like the recipes and the music posts so that it would lead with a teaser and then include a link below the teaser photo which, when clicked, would open the entire post for those who DO want to see the recipe in it’s entirety or view the entire Gloucester music daily lineup.

The code that Bill had sent wasn’t working but it got me to thinking that there must be a way to truncate these long posts.  So I went back to my early days of creating the blog and when I wanted to change the way the blog was presented I’d research the blog help forums for days on end til I’d found a solution.  Lo and behold it was there, in the help section-


Writing & Editing

Splitting Content » More Tag

You can truncate your blog entries so that only the first part of certain posts is displayed on the home and archive pages. When you do this, a link will be placed directly after your excerpt, pointing the reader to the full post.

You can find the More Tag button in the first row of the visual editor toolbar or by pressing Alt+Shift+T:



So now Felicia’s recipe that might have consisted of ten photos and text in between each photo, or Joann Souza or Peter and Vickie Van Ness’ music schedules, can be presented in a much cleaner fashion of one or two photos and give the ability for those people who crave those longer detailed posts a way to view them in entirety while the readers who would just assume skip over them,a much easier time scrolling past.

So when you see the “Continue reading” link at the bottom of a post, you know there’s much more to that post which you can access when you click the link.

I hope you know we aren’t complacent and are always striving to make GMG the best it can be.  And part of that is listening to constructive criticism and acting when I feel it’s in the best interest of the GMG community.

Thanks for reading.  I am honored that you have taken the time to look at our blog out of the bajillion of options that are out there on the internet for you to click on.  We won’t stop trying to bring you the very best content we can and earn your viewership loyalty.

Have a great day

Joey Smile

Thanks to Bill O’Connor as well for leading me down the right path as well


  • great idea, I believe that is how it is done on Facebook.. always thinking my friend


  • I hadn’t actually minded scrolling through things that I am less interested in, but I guess it can be a strain on someones finger…. ANYWAY, thanks for doing this Joey! I was worried when I started reading your post that you were going to change the length of some of the posts. This is a great solution! Always making this blog great! I love it! Thanks to all who contribute! This is the best blog!


  • Joey, this is so typical of your desire to be the very best source of information around. You and your team never cease to amaze me with your responsiveness. I, for one, don’t mind scrolling down; GMG is my time for myself each day, so any amount of time spent is a pleasure for me. The “continue reading” is a wonderful option for those who don’t have lots of free time … or are only interested in specific topics. Great Work ALL OF YOU!


  • Getting rid of Pauline Walnuts should be your next project.


  • Yup ~ and the beat goes on but the song gets better ~ looking forward to more Gloucester moments and your view of life on the dock ~ thanks to all ~


  • Great solution although I never minded scrolling (or reading) the longer posts. I was thinking about all the reader’s comments and it seems there was some desire for “the old days” when the blog was not as “soft”. Wondering if a separate heading at the top for posts of that type could be a solution for the hard core fans. Just a thought.


  • Thanks. Seems like a solution to make everyone happy.


  • GMG gets thousands of views and visits each day so getting a decent chunk of stern advice when Joey asks for a critique shows there is a pretty active base of people who enjoy GMG enough to share their concerns. It’s all good.

    I’ve tried this new fangled “more” add on and I think it will do wonders to the readability once GMG authors get the hang of it. We need to set the hook in a few dozen words enticing you to click the continue. Just pasting stuff from another blog won’t do anymore. I will always warn readers of possible noxious photos and verbiage coming up. The people like Joey suffering from flexilis anatidaephobia (fear of rubber ducks) will suffer no longer. And now that the old rough cut GMG has gotten the viewer seal of approval I am scouring my Cape Ann photos fro cameltoe and the photo of Joey when he was shooting a moon off the deck of the pinky schooner Ardelle and I swear the rash he had on his ass looked like a map of Cape Ann complete with 51 buoys of the Annisquam River in bas relief.


  • Just realized today ~ I happily read GMG for a couple of years without even touching the comment button! Just wondering what percent of your viewers comment and/or signed up to comment. I can’t even remember if the “recent comments” section will appear if you are not signed in to comment.


  • JOEY’S POST is a perfect lesson in customer service. THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE!
    Plus, I learned a new word from his post. Joey used the word bajillion. I have always thought it was bazillion. Turns out both are used. I looked them up. Here’s what Google has to say:
    number informal
    noun: bajillion; plural noun: bajillions
    1. an extremely large number (used for emphasis).
    “I’ve still got a bajillion things to do”

    number informal
    noun: bazillion; plural noun: bazillions
    1. a very large exaggerated number.
    “you were going a bazillion miles per hour!”

    Further research reveals that bazillion is a more popular search term, but bajillion is a much newer word (bazillion has been around about 10 years longer). So Joey is certainly on the cutting edge with this one!

    Thanks for keeping GMG THE place to be on-line every day!


    • George Bush was told in his daily briefings that four Brazilians were killed in a plane crash. He replied, “four brazillion? Wow, how many is that?


      • Here’s a plausible formula: If you consider the typical Samba has about 8 beats per bar and that W frequented bars from a fairly young age until his 40th birthday (when he claims to have given up drinking) so estimate 4 bars per week times 52 weeks times 20 years times 8 beats per bar times 4 brazillions that 133,120.


    • And then there’s the kid who wonders how many millions there are in a Brazilian.


  • Joey, this is great. Now I have a different suggestion: Old hands may have no trouble knowing whose posts they are reading, and can see when it’s a Sista Felicia or a Greg Bover or Kim Smith or E.J. entry, but often other posts have no byline, and I suspect you don’t write ALL of them. Could you make it a policy to include a byline on every entry?


    • I can suggest it. If you’re really dying to know you can always cluck on the title of the post to view the author


    • I don’t understand the request unless I have Super WordPress. Right under the title of each post is the date followed by the author’s name. Mine says,

      GMG Hard Core Dog Farting
      Posted on January 24, 2014 by Paul Morrison & RD

      (RD is Rubber Duck).

      The only ones that might not be obvious are the one’s that Joey does from info sent to him and are sometimes compilations of info. They say the author is Joey. Those either he points out who sent him the stuff or it is evident a posting for some community event.


  • Truncate, truncate, truncate……heard


  • All very good suggestions and ideas – I do have one question who moderates the comments section on the blogs? Authors or is there a blog site moderator? Just wondering:-)


    • Dave either EJ or I have the authority to moderate all of the contributors comments in addition to each contributor being able to moderate their own comments on their own posts.

      I appreciate your comments but often times I hold them in the que because if I approved them all every morning no one else’s comments would show up in the sidebar because you would have bumped them all off. So I approve a couple random ones of yours and then all the other ones from the overnight and then once I feel people might have had their morning coffee and had a chance to read and see the comments from other folks I approve yours.

      Otherwise it would look as if you were the only one commenting because you would have bumped everyone else off the page and that might discourage people from participating.


  • No complaints here. I have no idea what goes into putting together a enjoyable site such as this,
    but many thanks to Joey and all his contributors. Scrolling down a bit to bypass something that’s not my thing is no big deal. Keep up the good work GMG. and everyone else , “stop breaking the balls”. .


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