For those who think the Blog has gone soft – here are some Nude Photos for you!

Me nude bathing and nude horseback riding.  How’s that for hard core GMG.

nude bather

nude horseback rider

Found these and many other great old slides from the 50′s and before while visiting my mother this weekend.  I didn’t know I had been photographed nude so many times!

E.J. Lefavour

About E.J.

Artist, researcher, writer, spiritual traveler of this fascinating orb we inhabit, lover of life and all it has to offer. Hi everyone out there in GMG land. My name is Ellen “E.J.” Lefavour (a/k/a “Ejay Khan” – the pseudonym I used during my years as a political activist artist). I moved to Cape Ann in September of 2010, and was thrilled to be invited by Joey to become a daily contributor to Good Morning Gloucester in December of that year. I am a painter, photographer and writer who has lived and worked as an artist for 20 years, since leaving the corporate world in 1990 to pursue my passion. My contributions to GMG will consist of images (either my paintings, photographs, montages or the occasional video) and a little history about the image, called “Did you Know?” I hope to come up with tidbits of information that people don’t already know, or had forgotten they knew. As I am new here, everything is new and fascinating to me, especially the amazing history, so bear with me if I post something that is common knowledge – I’ll eventually come up with something that’s new to you. As an artist, I will also write about the incredible art scene on Cape Ann. Please take a minute to comment on my posts, like them or not, especially if you have corrections or something to add, as that is how I, and all of us, learn. Have a Good Morning Gloucester, and a blessed day.
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19 Responses to For those who think the Blog has gone soft – here are some Nude Photos for you!

  1. OMG.. love it especially the pony

  2. Naked, riding a pony, flashing gang signs, that is quite a selfie. That cocker spaniel could have been my sister’s.

    • E.J. says:

      You got it Paul! You picked up on the hard core, unedited and uncensored old GMG style of this post! Everyone else seems to be seeing cute and soft, which was not was I was going for. That was my best friend, Fit, who was a puppy when I was born and went everywhere with me until he died when I was 13 – my first serious broken heart. He would get so excited when someone came into the house and wag his tail so hard until he piddled.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those were the good ol’ days bathing in those big porcelain sinks. Very cute. Keeps down laundry too.

  4. Kelly O'Connor says:

    You are fabulous E.J.
    Thank you!

  5. Anonymous says:

    E.J., you outdid yourself here. This post has it all: great photos that capture history, animals AND nudity! Well done!
    p.s. You were a pretty cute kid.

  6. Kate D says:

    Precious little girl you were. I love the old sink and the dog.

  7. Patricia A. Conant says:

    Those pictures are awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Dave Moore says:

    The sink brought back very vivid memories as that was the bathtub then for us or the big metal bucket. I seem to recall modesty was not a strong suit for use kids either (Naked as a Jaybird)…Ray Stevens and the streak come to mind here :-)

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