Diabolical New Coyote Defense Technique For Deer

Adapt or Die Baby.  Flat Out One Of The Most Brilliant Defense Mechanisms On Display I’ve Ever Seen.

I don’t care how hungry that coyote is that’s creeping up on the deer.  Deer lets one rip like this and the pack of coyotes are like “We out man.  I don’t want any part of that stank ass!”  Diabolical!!!

I’m guessing that was a three day old chili fart.  Had to be right?  I just hope the deer had some toilet paper laying around so it could do a wipe check.  Don’t want any poop remnants that might have snuck out making your deer butt all stanky.  Gotta at least give it one or two test wipes to make sure it’s all clear back there.

That deer in West Gloucester that got surrounded by the coyotes last year could have learned a thing or two from farting deer.  Would have saved itself a whole lot of time and aggravation during the standoff.  Shoulda just let one rip and that pack of coyote would have high tailed it back to Canada STAT!

BTW this post is for new subscriber Bill.


  • That was a meat ball rip
    To solid and clean for chili

    No doubt found a plate of spaghetti and meat balls in the trash
    Next day. Boom!!

    That felt good just watching


  • Even though people type LOL or even ROFLMAO I doubt they are sitting alone actually laughing out loud. At least I haven’t done it in weeks while reading on a computer. Until now. I had to watch it six times to convince myself there was no CGI photoshopping trick but no, that deer really puts some effort into it. She practically stands on her toes to rip that beaner.

    Now this is the kind of post we need more of here at GMG. Topical, everyone has seen a coywolf. Local coverage, and a dab of Joey’s sick sense of humor.



  • LMFAO, yep me too Paul! Is that a ray of sunshine I see? Well played, well done, welcome back boys!


    • Craig, you’re the video expert. It’s not going to ruin my LOL moment but I gots to know. Is that a CGI deer? I’m pretty sure the sound has been augmented and that’s OK but now that I am on a larger monitor in the lab that deer stands out too much from the background.

      Where does a deer get spaghetti and meatballs that have gone off? Is that a dumpster diving deer? So many questions.


  • Good big bowl of chile with side of jalepeno’s eye watering experience for coyote…They got close to getting deer when it fell. I sort of the surprised the deer did not get up on the rock or once it did get on pavement get out of area…Must have been some good eating to stay.:-)


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