1930’s-1940’s Copy-Ocean-Clear Lobsters Consolidated Lobster CO INC Gloucester MA (Bay view)


As I said I would send.  My mother sent this to me of her Father (Chester E. Mac Neil) lived both in Lanesville Duley Street early 30’s and Bay View, Washington Street.  Mom  told me – Lived on Duley Street when she was about 2 around 1933 young child her Dad Chester Mac Neil worked for the Ocean Clear Lobsters – drove out of Bay-view Lobster Company driving a truck. Later family moved to Kilbey Street in the year of 1935, then to Washington Street where mother Mildred Mac Neil lived until late 90’s…The music is for my fond memories of Grampy and Grandmother God knows they were there when we needed them most!  (Chester E. Mac Neil in the sky summer of 1968- wife Mildred Mac Neil (Fitting words of song in the sky please post both thanks you and his Wife Mildred Mac Neil).  Family is way too important!
The man in the Roadie Cap is Chester by left close to van…Mr. Raymond O’Connell (owner) with Brother in Boston pier North Shore Lobster Company State Street Boston according to her.  He drove his truck out of Bay view Mr. Bob Lee worked in office and she said she road with him across cut bridge and sometimes on trips to Boston. I think she said his longest trip was to Nova Scotia?  She told me he stopped driving after injuring his shoulder dislocated never was the same after.  (He had a beautiful garden in on his property I know (we ate vegetables out of it) 🙂
Have to rotate view clockwise on PDF…This copy is yours to post (Fred-Capt Joe)…and keep…
Keep up the great work at GMG and I will pass on other’s as they come available to the foundation of my childhood  Cape Ann.
Gloucster Daily Times Obit her passing on into the sky with her father.

Mildred E. (Peters) MacNeiI Mildred E. (Peters) MacNeil, 106, wife of the late Chester E. MacNeil, died Friday, April 11 2002, in the Grey cliff at Cape Ann Nursing Home. Mrs. MacNeil was born Dec. 21, 1896, in Williamstown, daughter of the late James W. and Mildred (Giroux) Peters. Mrs. MacNeil, known only as Mrs. Mac, resided in Bay View with her grandson and his wife, Richard and Carol MacNeil, for many years.

Mrs. MacNeil was an active member of the community and the Sacred Heart Church in Lanesville, where she was a member of the Ladies ‘Auxiliary. She often sang in the Sacred Heart Choir and performed in minstrel shows around Cape Ann. She was a good cook and her pies and doughnuts were “legendary” at Sacred Heart bakes sales. During World War II, she often took in the Annisquam Coast Guard Station attendants, Opening her house to the men stationed there before the facility burned down. She was often quoted saying that was the least she could do, and that she hoped other women overseas were opening up their homes to her sons.   Cape Ann Known for the great cooks passed on through Generations.


  • Capt Joe – Thank You for posting the tributeFelt this in the heart the picture is down the hill bayview he parked his truck in or by a red barn Sargents beach area. Thank you for doing this – the Truck according to Pops is 1944-1946 model…Mr. Bob Lee is in checker shirt worked at the bay view office. He said he drove one in CA while working with Forrest Service then:-) Dave & Family


  • This is a wonderful post. I am a descendent of a MacNeil and live in Gloucester and have been researching my genealogy. If you have roots in Cape Breton can you post here or email me? My email is below. Thanks!


  • “Based on web security you email address will not be displayed word press”…”You may send me an email ad (davesam55@yahoo.com) and I will check with my Aunt as she has already did this and has all the tricks to the background look…The sad part unless you live in “Cape Ann” you are viewed as an outsider for some reason…
    Thanks – Dave


  • Just found this, and am thrilled. Chester was my grandfather, and having heard so many stories of this time from my late mother, Patricia Macneil, this means a lot to me!


  • Lindsay Riggs Brown

    How wonderful to read this! Chester and Mildred MacNeil are my Grandparents. My beautiful Mother, Patricia MacNeil passed away this past November. My brother Kevin MacNeil had posted a comment here too.


    • Lindsay,

      They were all very special family when you needed wisdom and guidance Nanny Mac too 106 and Uncle Jack was a hot ticket too close to a 100 when he went to heaven 🙂
      Mine too and I called Pat numerous times and sent items to her this – I remember you from lanesville Days and visit out west early 70’s. The circle is always made much smaller with internet today!

      Glad this meant so much it comes from within 🙂
      Dave & Kim
      P.S. I tried calling your mom but at that point was not taking any calls prayers and thought she is sitting on the breakwall of cape ann 🙂


  • Robyn here, daughter of Patricia. My mom wanted me to go to the site of the old Consolidated Lobster Company. How can I find it? I want to go soon!


    • Robin –
      We miss Pat too! All moved up to the sky now 😦
      This company has long closed – but it was located down the street from the top of the hill Bay view cemetery where the inlet is from Sergeants beach area. I have been off the great site “GMG” great folks for sure we need more of in today’s world, for about month or so working some public safety items – Chester was my grandfather and my mom’s dad. But like Zorro I hope to return soon lots on the plate now plus I owe the folks a little gift I have not forgotten just overcome by Events (OBE).
      Not sure what’s there today?

      I’ve held the shell to my ear and heard the beauty of the sea. I’ve closed my eyes and in my mind
      I’ve seen the breaking of the waves. And still I ask: How many shells have warmed my ear?
      How many waves were really there?

      The Perfect Wall
      Build me the perfect wall, my friend,
      The wall we’ve never found.
      Make it a wall that will never end,
      Yet one we can walk around.
      Make it so tall that neither can see
      Yet low enough to climb,
      So that I can peek to your side
      And you can look to mine.
      Build the wall a mile wide
      So forever it will stand
      With a tiny hole from side to side
      So that I might touch your hand!
      If found to be too hard a task
      To build a perfect wall,
      Then my friend I’d like to ask:
      Why build a wall at all?
      By Phil Messina

      God Bless Dave & Kim

      God Bless Dave


  • My fondest childhood memories are from this time era and especially the Consolidated Lobster Company are. My Dad was Bob Lee as mentioned in this article. I used to pedal my bike from our house next door to the Brother-hood club and he’d take me out to the tank room where thousands and thousands of pounds of lobsters were always swimming. They were packed in wooded barrels and shipped all over the world.


  • Does anyone own this original picture? My grandfather is on the far right and I would love to get a better scan and give it to my Dad to keep-



  • I’m incredibly proud to say Mildred and Chester are my grandparents. I am the youngest granddaughter, before the great grandchildren that is. My mother is their youngest daughter. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have met “Grampy Mac”, he had passed long before I was born. I think of them both so often. The stories of their lives profoundly shaped me, from their incredible love story to their fantastic senses of humor and how they selflessly treated others and animals with kindness. I wish they could’ve met my husband and children and can only hope they’d be proud of us. Thank you so much for this sweet article dedicated to a piece of their history.


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