The Gift That Keeps On Giving

PrintThe “GMG Cook” list continues to grow! This weeks GMG Cooks are Bruce & Linda, and Linda Rae Castagna!

Bruce and Louise from St. Catharines, ON Write~Hey Joey!

Is Spring ever going to get here? We’ve been getting extreme
weather in the Niagara Peninsula, much the same as Cape Ann.

You can tell
Sista Felicia that her receipt last week of the Peppercorn Flank Roast was
Splendid! Very tender, extremely tasty and a big hit at our Sunday supper, even
though I had to bundle up when facing the BBQ.

The Pork Chops are next
on the winter-time cook list!

All the best,

Bruce & Louise –
St. Catharines, ON

flank steak Bruce & Louise

Sista Felicia Writes ~  Bruce & Louise, thank you for sending in your comment and photo to GMG.  Wow…your flank steak looks perfectly cooked. Great job and good luck cooking up my recipe for Grilled Cumin Pork Chops.  The unique flavor from the combination of cumin, garlic, and wine vinegar is super tasty!  I usually serve them with creamy mashed potatoes and a side salad. Happy Cooking!

Linda Rae Castagna Writes~
Joey and Sista Felicia
 This recipe brought a sense of comfort during a dreary week.  We just pretended we were in Gloucester as we enjoyed our chowder.  So with gratitude to Sista Felicia for sharing this
with all of us; I say thank you, my family says thank you, my friends say thank you…

It was a very large pot!   Now, please, no frowning because I added corn.  It was a special request and a great addition.  Blessings, Linda rae

Linda rae castagna

Sista Felicia Writes~ Linda Rae, thank you for sending in your chowder photo and comment to GMG.  I’m thrilled to see that you decided to tweaked my recipe to your families liking, by adding corn.  It looks delicious!

Send in your photo of a Sista Felicia recipe and become a member of the “GMG Cooks Club.”


  • Inspiring story of how much you touch other’s in their day to day life 🙂


  • I’m the guy who can’t boil water without burning it, but I tried making ‘chowda’ using your recipe and I thought I was back in ‘Glousta’ eating at the Causeway restaurant…it was THAT good!! I’ve been in Florida 35 years and have yet found a place that makes it the way they do back home. Thanks so much for sharing that with us!! Now, if I could only find some good Chinese food!


  • I love technology! Christina Corliss-Rourke grew up in Rockport in a family restaurant business. We stayed at Jay and Christina’s HALYARD HOUSE well over thirty times. Now they are in Florida year round with jaunts occasionally back to Rockport. Christina saw my chowder posting and your recipe so she sent me an email. She only knows the recipe with Salt Pork as many others have mentioned. BUT I found it to be ideal for two of us who are vegetarians and it didn’t seem to need one more thing. Needless to say, the prices on haddock and cod are sky high in Florida and New Jersey. Bet she tries it one day without the Salt Pork. How kind of you to post helpful recipes. By the way, when we visit four or five times a year we are still blessed to stay at HALYARD HOUSE with the new lovely owners, Dawn and Jay. We cannot wait for Spring when we run back to your wonderful area (even though our river valley is beautiful; with an inn we need to hide every now and then to rest up).


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