Hoping GMG can help out with an old building downtown…

Hi Joey-

I’m hoping you could put this on the GMG blog and see if anyone might be able to come up with something.  A buddy of mine and I just purchased 6 and 8 Center St in downtown Gloucester (mainly known for being the home of K9 Kuts).  We are just starting to plan our rehab of the exterior of the building and I’m hoping that someone out there in the GMG universe might have an old picture that shows what the buildings looked like before they were sided as they are today.  I know from peeling back some of the siding that these were once clad in traditional clapboard, but any old photos or memories that anyone might have would go a long way towards the historic restoration of the property.  I also plan to check in with Fred B, the historic commission, and city archives, but thought GMG would be a great avenue as well.  I can be reached atrtjones1@gmail.com if anyone has anything to share.  Pic of building as it currently is is attached.  

Thanks, and thanks for the blog, it’s a great aggregator of so much that goes on in our community.  

-Randy Jones

6-8 Center Street


  • Hope you don’t displace Julie and K-9 Cuts in the rehab process. She has invested a lot in her business, does a great job as a groomer, and is an asset to our community. My guy Rogan, 100 pound Irish Setter/Golden Retriever, has been going to her for 12 years (he is going on 14) and she loves him and he returns the affection. As do I.


    • Hi Mary Lou. Rest easy, Juile and K9 aren’t going anywhere! We are happy to have them, and consider them one of Gloucester’s long running institutions.


  • You could also look at a book called ‘Antique Houses of Gloucester’ by Prudence Fish


  • I think Fred or a long term resident may know more I looked at the National Register of Historic Places listings in Gloucester, Massachusetts…Did not find anything…Sawyer Free Library or planning department city may have something (Building permits etc).
    Best of Luck..


  • check w/Pru Fish


  • Mary Lou
    They can do what they want with the business
    They spent a lot of money on it
    Maybe u need a waxing down low?


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