Discovery Auction (Walk-a-Round Style) Today January 20th – Monday night – 6pm (Inspection 3-6) 1 Lexington Ave. Magnolia Village in Gloucester, MA 01930

Discovery Auction

Extreme Snow Date Tues. Jan. 21st

Those of you who’ve attended our most recent events, know that well, we haven’t really had any RECENT events, because we’ve been very busy stocking up the old warehouse and this Discovery Auction is going to be jam packed with treasures!

What exactly IS a Discovery Auction?

A discovery auction is probably the most exciting and fun of all types of auctions to attend! No one really knows what’s going to be there. OK, so we have an idea, but up until the day of the sale, even we don’t know everything that the auction will include. That’s because we’re going to pack it with the best, most unusual, profitable loot we can find, right up until the day of the sale!

What! No listing? No pictures?!

Nope. We may post a few on our Facebook Page or on

You don’t really have any stuff yet do you? That’s why there are no pictures.

Wanna bet? 🙂 Seriously, we are packed for this sale. But posting tons of pics and posting a detailed listing is time consuming, time better spent on getting the sale ready!

What will the cat drag in…

While we won’t give you specifics, we can tell you that there will be lots of antiques, glass & china, ephemera, furniture, box-lots & surprises!


A light snack bar & coffee by Glosta Joes!


Cash, checks & credit cards accepted w/ID

Helpful tips:

Bring boxes & packing, get there early enough to inspect, and be prepared to be on your feet for a while. This is a walk-a-round auction with no seating. (Be wary of standing too close to friends who may want to bid on the same things you do!)

Buyer’s Premium?


What do you mean by Extreme Snow date?

We will have the auction unless there are severe, unsafe driving conditions. Check our website or our Facebook page if you have questions about cancellation
MA Lic#2621If you want to participate in future auctions as a seller or have something to sell to us directly, email to

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