Get Outta Town!

hawk mobbed by crows

Whenever I hear a ruckus of crows, I always look for a hawk.  This hawk looked uneasy while being harassed by three crows as he perched in this tree.  He finally had enough and flew off, with them in close pursuit.  Afterwards, two of the crows were heard boasting about how bad they were to run that no good hawk outta town.

E.J. Lefavour


  • been noticing lots of crows around Rafe’s Chasm… The red tailed hawks are really pretty


  • I do the same thing when I hear crows raising a fuss. Once I saw a murder of crows harassing a red tail until the hawk let out a cry and was quickly joined by its mate. The crows high tailed it out of there once the numbers changed. Cool pics!


  • Think you know why they were crowing away (Hawk) they chase each other and whom-ever had the most backup wins numbers. The Crows are an extremely smart bird when I came home on leave from South Korea on my next assignment to Colorado springs when mom wanted me to view something she wrote about in her letters to me. She would sit at her desk and write letter while looking out her bedroom window and over see the farm. The dog bowls were in the back close by with Purina hard dog food and water bowl. Next think I see is the crow hoping up to the bowl put’s a chunk of bird food in beak hop’s over to the water bowl drops it in let’s it soak a while then when it’s soft ready to eat – repeated the process until dog came around corner and scared them off…This takes some thought how to take something hard cannot get it down then make it soft to eat…I have to ask her next time if they caught in a photo and send it along…Thank You! 🙂


  • Great photos EJ! We have a red tailed hawk that makes a nest in our neighborhood every spring and we also have a very large murder of crows in the neighborhood – the ruckus they make is crazy! The hawk is constantly being chased, it’s screeching, the crows are cawing. Sometimes it seeks refuge in our yard or even on our deck.


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