Ask Johnny Winter a question and WIN one of his CDs

I’m taping an interview with rock-blues legend Johnny Winter tomorrow and I’ll post the podcast of it on GMG.  Johnny Winter is an icon.  One of the best guitar players alive, excellent voice, and perhaps one of the best blues producers ever.

Next month Johnny Winter turns 70 and has a brand new 4-CD set coming out.  In two weeks (1/31) he’s performing at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly (there are still a few tickets left.  Get them here.)

His label sent me a couple of his critically acclaimed 2011 CD, “Roots”, which is spectacular and proves his status as one of the greatest blues men of all time (as if anyone would argue).

Put a question in the comments to this post and I’ll ask it tomorrow.  Better yet, I’ll give away a CD to the best question submitted.

I need these questions by NOON tomorrow SUN 1/19.

Let’s have some fun!


  • Ricardo Fernandez

    Mr. Winter, I wonder if your loving and superb production of the Muddy Waters later classics, so respectful of the heritage and sonic authenticity of the great American Blues tradition is a reaction to the lack of production quality and artistic control of your earlier and re-released recordings. Do you wish you have had a producer of your caliber behind you in those earlier days? Tell us about what motivates you as a producer.

    You can end with something like this.
    Mr. Winter, the music gods are grateful for your contribution both as performer and producer to the canon of American music. Your contribution kept Muddy Waters at the forefront in his later years and your guitar exorcisms have kept a devoted fan base firmly at the crossroads. Welcome to Beverly and we are honored and excited to have you perform at The Larcom.

    Thanks Vickie and Peter for bringing quality to the North Shore. I’ll be there, Orch. Right C3.


  • It goes without saying that Johnny is one of the greatest rock and blues guitarists. But, personally, I’ve always been amazed by his singing. I think he’s a truly great and underappreciated blues singer. He does Dylan well, too – Johnny’s version of “Highway 61” is a classic. If he were to accidentally leave his guitar at home and just stand on stage and sing, I’d still be happy. If I had one question to ask Johnny, it would be, “How did you learn to sing? Who were your influences?”


  • What is the highest available SPF sunscreen available?


  • What keeps you going each day, and what causes are you passionate about, Love your tunes


  • I would be curious to know what he thinks about the book written about him titled “Raisin’ Cain: The Wild and Raucous story of Johnny Winter”?



    I saw Johnny when he showed up at the end of Janis Joplin”s concert in Boston. It was either late 1969 or early 1970. He & Janis jammed for quite a while at the end of the concert. One of the best memories of all time. Does Johnny remember this? I attended Woodstock, move to Boston 9/1969 to drop out etc.. and then I saw this mind blowing concert. Best memories ever. Annie Goldman


  • Oh…I also saw many groups at The Boston Tea Party in Boston. Remember that venue? Did you know David Hahn?


  • Saw Johnny when he showed up at the Janis Joplin concert in Boston either late 1969 or early 1970. They jammed for quite a while…great times


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