AERODREAMS – The Sculpture of Brad Story VIDEO

Brad Story of Essex, Ma. is a sculptor who focuses on the theme of flight. I recently visited with Brad and his wife Beth at his studio on the Essex  marsh. I hope you are as intrigued and impressed by his work as I am.

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  • That is one heck of collection planes there and his collection he brings the Artist Wood Work (AWW)…What a set-up he has and really cozy place with all the windows to the world Love it Thanks…P.S I had a school teacher at Beeman School 1967-68 he was a model train enthusiast and would bring us to his house and show them off – what fun for 11-12 year old then. Even took us to swap meetings of other’s where sell and trade…:-)


  • Brad Story’s work is awesome. He’s combined the skills and legacy of Essex shipbuilding with a life long interest in “things that fly”. If you have a chance to see Brad’ s work, you’ll be blown away. Thanks for posting this, Joey.


  • Thanks for the excellent video interview with Brad Story! I love his work and the more people who get to see it, the better!. He’s very modest, but many consider him a brilliant artist.


  • Thanks, Marty. You really captured Brad’s literally fantastic work, and the unassuming manner he has in the face of his enormous talent. I was fortunate enough to meet Brad and Beth when I first moved here 35 years ago, they have always represented the best of the Cape Ann spirit to me.


  • Wow ~ this post lead me to google Brad Story ~ I read all the posts about him and truly admired all of his work ~ just beautiful and inspiring. The Ancient Mariner series certainly tells a STORY ~


  • This only scratches the surface of Brad’s incredible body of work. Look further, you will be amazed.


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