• I’ll bet they were wearing helmets, so I’d be more worried about their ACL’s. But honestly, don’t you wish you could do that?


  • Wm. Skipper Publicover

    We used to ski like that when college age and on parents Bc&BS ! 🙂


  • Killington wamming down ~ turn the curve ~ no warning ~ no signs ~ a school of blind skiers ~ yup that’s what happened ~ and it kept happening ~ til someone got it together enough to “ski back” and hold up oncoming until everyone could “regroup”. Yea ~ that was a good trip ~


  • Actually 30 years ago I would have loved to have been there doing that too. These days? Not so much


  • I miss those days!


  • If we all pay health insurance the local ER gets to stay open for when the rest of us might need it!


  • Why the individual mandate is a good thing – these are exactly the folks who think they’re invulnerable.


  • Crazy, but amazing and fearless skiers. At the very end it didn’t sound like they were speaking English, so I don’t think footage was shot here – maybe in Switzerland or some place where their maiming themselves wouldn’t effect our insurance.


  • Because it is just so much fun. They had helmets and knew what they were doing. Would die for some snow like that. Just been skiing the last two days in ran, ice and what in New England they call hard corduroy. The groomers drag rollers and put down a corduroy texture of one inch bumps. Then it can freeze solid so it’s like skiing on corrugated roof. Fast skiing and your feet get a massage.


    • The glade skiing in trees they were doing no one gives you lessons. The first time I tried it no one told me to take my straps off my wrists. Your poles catch in trees and either you pull your wrists out of their sockets or the poles snap. Did both.


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