• Actually ~ I think it’s a cool idea! My thought is this technology would be an “in addition to ~ not an in place of”. Let’s hope the parent or grandparent stays engaged with the child for all the smiles , giggles, hugs and good night kisses that the magic of a bedtime story brings ~


    • Hi Mary, thanks, at first thought the same thing and realized the children have an electronic gadget in their hands as they start to go to sleep. This has been on the radio with much discussion. I think it would cool without the gadget. Take care


      • Oh yes ~ I see your point too! I would not want that to happen ~ I see this as parental interaction tool but you are correct not everyone thinks that way. My lesson learned =
        did you ever put your child to bed with the talking (pull the string) Bugs Bunny ~ only to be awaked at 2am with a “what’s up Doc what’s up Doc what’s up Doc”.


  • I thought it was kinda cool at first too – but then I remembered reading to my kids every night before bed and they would ask questions or we would talk about the pictures eventually they tried to sound out some words or point out letters – this just encourages more passive watching and listening to yet another electronic device and they have enough of those.


    • Thanks. I used to love when the kids started to know the book and I was getting tired and would try to skip a page and they would remind me of a skipped page.. love holding the book with them. Love reading to my grand babies..


  • Cool Idea..but on the other hand I feel like kids now a days use electronic devices way too much..bed time stories should be filled with imagination, hugs, and snuggles 🙂
    thank you for sharing


  • Technology who would have thought bar codes would be become so popular? 🙂


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