First Look Video: The Mexican Touch 185 Washington St Gloucester MA




  • That video just made me starving! And I just had dinner! I know where I I’m going to lunch tomorrow.


  • Just like the old home front – and the pinto beans in the last take out…:-)


  • Man. I love Mexican food. I’m going to feel so disloyal to Tacos Lupita ( ❤ them) if I try this place though.


  • Wow,looks like a great restaurant.


  • Can’t wait to try this place. I’m assuming the guacomole is made fresh in house although I didn’t see that mentioned in the video, do you know? Looks like the burritos don’t come with it so it’s probably an upcharge, well worth it for homemade guac, though!!


  • I literally just ate a chicken burrito from here! I saw the video, the wife is traveling for work so I headed on down. This is take out only, the place is spotless, the service was super fast and super cheap! For $6 bucks I just had a monster burrito that was the best I have had anywhere. Period! Freshness was amazing, no nasty chicken like other places. This is hand pulled and cooked all day, just awesome. Nice side of ice cold lettuce and tomatoes with cilantro. It looks like a family affair working their magic, nice people and great food. See you for lunch tomorrow!


  • Great job Joey! Just want to say thanks for all you do to promote local businesses! Looking forward to lunch this weekend. Love trying new places!


  • Looks really good! We’ll have to try them. You do such nice videos Joey – thanks for letting us know what’s going on around town!


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