Sefathia invites Local Italians To Caffe Sicilia Today At 1

Dear Godmother Romeo,
I received your name and contact information from my friend, Italian-American painter Nella Lush.
I teach art and direct the Lehman Gallery at Brooks School in North Andover. We have this cool course in January called Winter term during which we work with about a dozen students for 3 weeks studying one thing. Our course this year is called “All things Italian.”
We are cooking, watching movies, practicing language with Rosetta Stone, visiting the north end, attending the opera in Cambridge, etc.
Tomorrow (Monday 1/13) we are headed to Gloucester. I know this is last-minute and a little unconventional, but I wonder if you might happen to have an half hour free and be willing to talk to the students in a coffee shop somewhere about the Italian culture in Gloucester.
Would you please reply to this email if this might be possible?
Many thanks for considering.


Joey received this email naturally accepted to meet them where else Caffe Sicilia if any of your Italian readers want to join us Monday 1/13 @1 thanks

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