• Now that’s some really cool stuff Fred! Thanks for sharing as always.


  • Cape Pond was already a public water supply then, as well as a source of ice for that Cape Pond company. That led to a lawsuit that went all the way to the state’s highest court. See: http://vintagerockport.com/2011/07/04/cape-pond-rockport-mass-circa-1914/


  • Years ago I took a ride on Niles Pond in an iceboat. It was pretty scary, and very, very fast. Once was enough for me.


    • I trust your experience Fred and none is enough for me!


    • This is a great photo – I told my mom how much your history means to me (pictures memories of some anyway some before my time but I always loved history in school and out) . And the warm recepion at GMG team! She said she is going to send some items my way and I will ensure you get copies of them for your collection and use. I imagine this is fun until the cross-wind give you a shaking🙂

      After the mail stuff resumes normal this way have a few ideas for items mail-able even for us one pounder’s Retiree’s USPS-MPS) weight limits stayed tuned 🙂 For entire team GMG small tokens but thought that counts!

      Keep them coming!🙂 Wak with the wind and sun always upon you on the path of life:-)


  • Sailboats are very different. The resistance of the water slows them down, and makes turns slower. Iceboats have little resistance on the ice, so can go extremely fast, and turn quickly. Ballpark speed is 2 to 3 times the speed of the wind, maybe 15 to 30 miles per hour.


  • Ah yes, another Niles Pond sighting ~ iceboats! That’s where I saw my first ice boats ~ captained by good looking Gloucester teen boys ~ could that have been you Fred?! 😉


    • No Mary, in those years I was surfing off Long Island, NY in the winter!


    • Wm. Skipper Publicover

      Niles Pond Ice Boating was a thrilling experience ! We as teenagers, really moble ballast during the raceing. Liberal use of adult antifeeze was a standard. 🙂


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