In The Battle For Most Picturesque Photo Location Who You Got Between The Burnham House In Essex and Motif No 1 and The Paint Factory

So Anthony Marks Photo This Morning Of The Burnham House Got Me To Thinking…

In The Battle For More Picturesque Photo Location Who You Got Between The Burnham House In Essex and Motif No 1 in Rockport and The Paint Factory in Gloucester.

At One Time I might have said the Paint Factory but it’s such a mess now you’d have to put it out of the running.   The Burnham House In Essex has the Natural surroundings thing going for it.  Rockport’s Motif No 1 is nice in it’s own right and probably has the most world wide cache.


Here’s a shot of Motif No 1 from Matthew Green-

aaaand The Paint Factory from Manny Simoes-


Let’s run a couple different polls-


  • Interesting, Recognized, Iconic, Picturesque. I went Motif, Motif, Burnham.
    1) You gotta go Motif with world recognition. Hands down.
    2) Iconic, The Paint Factory and Motif battle it out with Motif the winner. A shot from 1930 and the Paint Factory might win. Maybe if you stuck ma and pa farmer out front with a pitchfork Burnham might go iconic.
    3) For picturesque the Burnham House hands down. You cannot beat a marsh in the early morning then you have the sky, the reflection and this house everyone wants to live in until they think of how wet the basement must be.


  • Leslie Y. De Vaney

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    “Motif Number 1”
    Motif Number 1, located on Bradley Wharf in the harbor town of Rockport, Massachusetts, is a fishing shack well known to students of art and art history as “the most often-painted building in America.”


  • I would have said the Motif too (my great-uncle from Rockport was among the few who pronounced it: “MOTE – iff), but for the fact that it is not the original structure….. Burnham’s and Tarr & Wonson are the real deal….but all three sites are, of course, iconic sites…..


  • Although a sculpture and not a structure, if a new poll was run to include the
    Man at the Wheel, and the poll was titled something like Best Iconic Representation of Cape Ann, don’t you think the Man at the Wheel would win?


    • Great point, I think the Man at the Wheel would win hands down !
      But if we have to chose between the 3 offered, I think Motif #1 wins.
      Beautiful shot of the Burnham House though…


  • Where exactly is the The Burnham House In Essex? Address?


    • Rt. 22/Eastern Ave. Next to Farnham’s Restaurant. Beautiful place and I’m so glad that it has been rescued from extinction!!!


  • Motif #1 all the way! It’s even pictured at Disney World!!!!


  • I would go with the Fishermen’s Wives Statue, the faces on the children and how they are holding their mom is terrific


  • Picturesque location ~ I voted from the locations offered. However, sunrise over Good Harbor Beach ~ the island ~ the house ~ so beautiful or the sunset over bass rocks ~ the surf ~ Thachers Island and the twin lights get my heart votes for must picturesque Gloucester locations.


  • I concur, Mary.


  • Burnham House, Essex


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