Polar Vortex or normal New England Winter?

polar vortex

I walked out to Eastern Point today and it felt downright balmy compared to yesterday’s biting wind and frigid windchill factor.  Today felt more like global warming than a polar vortex.  The iced rocks and frozen froth just looks like normal winter to me.

E.J. Lefavour


  • Your Brave EJ… It was a beautiful sunny winter day but way to cold for me. I took a short walk around the block to look for some red berries, and the cold crisp air made it difficulty to clip red berry branches this moring. I know I was only outside for a short period of time and couldnt wait to get back my the house to cozy up by the fireplace for to defrost… I am so ready for spring!


    • Believe me Felicia, if you had gone out yesterday when it was so bitterly cold and windy, today would have seemed balmy in comparison. I also go out properly dressed for the conditions with multiple layers, fleece lined tights and extra socks, two pairs of slacks and a long down coat with a hood, hat and gloves. Once I get out there I want to be able to stay out for at least an hour to get some exercise and photos without freezing. There is something about extreme cold that I find invigorating and adventurous for a few days – and then I am ready for spring too.


  • Those are wonderful photos. Loved the closeup one especially.


  • The 5th picture down – backbreaker – stepping off the rocks without looking – I hit one like that talk about the teaberry shuffle this was over by rowley shore point! Stayed grounded an stunned for a few not to bad that day but next day woke up very sore and I was 12 then…Don’t want to do that now! 🙂


  • Your pictures are great! Gloucester in summer or winter is always splendid. Lucy you are to live in this Nice city!
    Monique Auger, Canada


  • Sorry, …Lucky you are


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