Community Photos 1/7/14

The Singing Seniors, a singing class taught by Jorgelina Zeoli (“Jayzee”) at the Rose Baker Senior Center in Gloucester, bring Christmas music to the residents at the Girdler House in Beverly. (December 20, 2013)

“Jayzee”, a free lance musician, inspirational author and Tai Chi instructor, is looking for funding in order to continue bringing the joy of the Singing Seniors into the community. She can be contacted

Photos Courtesy of Ray Spiecker and Judy Keith

girdler house xmas 2013 bgirdler house xmas 2013 c

Hi Joey,

After being cooped up for the storm, I headed out to Cranes Beach check out the dunes and the surf.   

The snow on the dunes was laced with a marbling of sand which made for some quite interesting patterns.

Even the day after the storm ended, there was still a bit of surf, but the seagulls seemed to take it all in stride.

Mary Barker

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