• This is the Urad. More about this little known nautical legend tomorrow morning at 9:01am.


  • For those of you who might be interested there is a book entitled Uraed -the egg that crossed the Atlantic Ole M. Ellefsen. Wonderful story and a wonderful group of people that returned to Gloucester to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary on January 6 2005. I’ll bring the book down to Fred’s store on Tuesday.


    • Thank you so much! Come in the afternoon.


    • I can guarantee that we’ll learn a lot about this person, the event, and from the book. They’ll get a sticka and a photo for sure. There’s one important thing about our history that we may forget. There have been a dozen waves of immigration to Gloucester. One was the Swedes, Finns, and Norwegians. They preceded the Italians and Sicllians, as did the Irish. They’re all listed as those who went down to the the sea in ships, both in City Hall and on the Boulevard.


  • I read the New York Times article from 1904 on the Urad. Pretty wild. Norway to St John’s in taht egg! On purpose! Then I got caught up in all the other stuff that was on the same page. Living in 1904 must have been exciting. So many ways to die. Ships and buildings blowing up, crazy stuff.


  • Now that’s quite a journey there nice history lesson also thanks!;-)


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