• Welcome ~ we all want to know ~ “how’s the weather up there” ~


    • Mary thank you …. Today it’s Frigid .. Teens with sun and clouds ..
      Wind chills in the single digits .. Tonight we dip to -5 to 13 above ..
      So it’s very cold up here .. But a warm up by weekend .. Not to mention we came close to 60 Degrees yesterday …


  • Welcome!!! and very much looking forward to your weather reposts Peter and Marcy.

    Do you by chance have a good source or recommendation (or perhaps you are planning to do this) for online hour by hour Gloucester weather, within a 24- 48 hour period? I am only asking because that would be handy to know when planning to film/photograph.


  • Hey – What’s up with the tea pots?


  • Teapots are wonderful!


  • What a perfect addition to GMG! I love how enthusiastic Peter and Marcy are and look forward to getting the real scoop on OUR weather from them and not feeling left out by the Boston Networks. The weather here can be so different than any other area even 10 miles inland, we need our own weather people!


    • Cape Ann Giclee : Yes Gloucester is a weather beacon ! We have the strangest weather in the world . That is one of the reasons I love living here on this beautiful island .. And having water on all sides makes it ideal for crazy weather . Seeing as we stick out 45 miles more out in the ocean then Boston..Fun times ahead 🙂


  • Excellent!!! Quite an entrance drift here and needed as it’s going to be a long winter – and strange weather nationwide from what I have read. Growing up that way many moons ago this means alot and can escape the madness we all have from time to time 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


    • Thank You Dave.. We will not be forgotten on this Island ! Wildest weather occurs here , but NWS Boston and Local media hubs barely make the trek up here, either they go to Cape Cod / South Shore or Plum Island .. But Marcy and myself will take care of Gloucester’s Storm reports and local Forecasts . I may not be A Dick Albert or Harvey Leonard but I know Gloucester and Gloucester’s weather to a tee!!! Enjoy and I’m glad u liked our intro ..


      • Peter you and Marcy are doing just fine!! The enthusiasm outstanding and it fun to watch. Lots of changes since I left in 1968 (lived Somerville for two years then to Lanesville 1957-1968 Washington street then headed in a highway bus to the Southwest with new Step dad and 4 brothers. (The bus was an older route bus 1958(?) had air scope on back, the Cape Cod roller marquee sign still old highway bus converted to motor home, Woods hole, buzzards bay, and a few other). Not to mention and adventure for a 13 year old then headed to AZ never quite got there ended up In Northern New Mexico…Broke down three times going once in West VA Mt Peat Highway 50 close to Clarksburg 2 weeks motor issue, then Colorado Springs clutch, Albuquerque Throw out bearing. Then lived up north Carson National Forrest private land 80 acres, and whole National Forrest as backyard of friends of dad’s from his college days. Sad part was bus was left on property in Northern NM and some hunter’s or others broke into and had a little Coleman stove, and small wood stove put in it and burned it down…Lot’s of memories went up in smoke – but sealed upstairs (head in the head and heart), pictures folks may have! 
        Stay safe and Excellent Job, Dave & Kim South Korea! 🙂 🙂


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