Go See This Film: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ~ Beautiful film in every way–humor, romance, great location and cinematography, stellar cast, and pitch perfect. Go See!

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  • I saw an early screening of this film and absolutely loved it! I wasn’t that excited going into it, but a free screening is a free screening, so I went and I was really surprised how much I loved everything about it, all that you mentioned above, the locations and cinematography were stunning. I laughed, I cried, I simply loved it.


    • Same, too, Jenn!–laughed and cried all the way through. My husband wasn’t that thrilled to see it either, but even he really liked it. Highly recommend this film!!!


  • I give it 2 thumbs up. Audience applauded at the end. How often does that happen?
    A nice Tribute to Life magazine, Some very funny scenes.


  • Thanks-Looks interesting have to give a look:-)


  • Looks great, went to see the Book Thief yesterday read the book and the movie was great too.


  • Awesome Kim thanks for the Review .. Can’t wait to see it !


    • Hi Peter-in case you are reading the comment follow ups–the following is a comment that I sent for you and Marcy but it has not yet been approved:

      Welcome to GMG!!! and I am very much looking forward to your weather reposts Peter and Marcy.

      Do you by chance have a good source or recommendation (or perhaps you are planning to do this) for online hour by hour Gloucester weather, within a 24- 48 hour period? I am only asking because that would be handy to know when planning to film/photograph.


      • Kim the plan is to have a daily forecast out , sum times video / sum times blog , other times reporting out in the elements , including hurricane’s if we were to ever get one .. Marcy and Myself are so excited to be here , and will have plenty of surprise’s up our sleeves 🙂 .. Just doing what I enjoy , and sharing my gift of weather casting with Gloucester and Cape Ann.. And thank you so much for the Warm Welcome’s ..
        I just can’t wait to Get my feet wet !


  • Not a perfect movie, but still a pleasant one that can be suitable for anybody who wants to see it. Nice review Kim.


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