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Mary Tucker apple cranberry pieMary Tucker Apple Cranberry Pie

GMG FOB Mary McLoud Tucker (whose Mom was a Wonson) sends a lovely note, sharing her connection to Gloucester. Thank you so much Mary. We contributors are so appreciative of your participation in the blog and of your always kind and thoughtful comments.

Mary writes, “Yes, I know where Plum and Highland streets are located in relation to Mt. Pleasant Ave.  My mother was a Wonson.  She was the grand daughter of George Marble Wonson. Growing up at the end of Lantern Lane with all of her relatives houses up Marble Road.  A couple of summers ago, with the help of the owner of Rocky Neck Accommodations (who lived in a Wonson house), I was able to locate the path on what was the Wonson farm property that walks you out to the back shore.  Wondering if your walks have ever taken you down that path.  I thought better of doing that walk by myself!

My father grew up in the Victorian house at 130 Mt Pleasant Avenue.  The house has been renovated a couple of times and sold last summer.  While in Gloucester, I stopped by and spoke with the selling owners.  Happily they inquired about the history of the house and I was more than happy to answer their questions as we toured the much changed and renovated house.  The house I remember had two front doors.  In order to enlarge the living room the front door and entrance were removed ~ however the door was still intact and in the garage!  At the end of our visit, and many laughs, Rosa Ladd gave me the front door to my grandparents home at 130  Mt Pleasant Ave. It was a thrill to have the door with me. As my  nephew took the door out of the truck and into my yard I anxiously looked through the same glass my grandmother looked through to greet her three sons as they came home from war.

I do return to Gloucester, with some variation of family,  every summer.  Trying to follow the path of “The Gift” by Marty Luster.

photoView of Brace Rock from Dales Cove House

So, to move along,  last summer for our summer vacation I rented Dales Cove House that faces Brace Cove.  Attached is a video of the view from the porch.  if you have not been to the house you may enjoy the view from the other side of Niles Pond.

Happy New Year Kim. Your photos, posts, and philosophy have brought me so much pleasure ~”

photo-1Last summer Mary and her extended family had all come together for her brother’s memorial. Mary writes, “The night before we sailed, on the Lannon, to enter my brother Dave’s ashes to the Gloucester sea, we had a family dinner.  The gifts on the table were for each family attending.  Wrapped in McLoud plaid, the plaques say “HOLD FAST TO YOUR DREAMS.” “Hold Fast” is the McLoud family motto.  It was a wonderful family evening.”

All Photos Mary McLoud Tucker


  • Rebecca Reynolds

    Any chance we could see a picture of the door?


  • Very nice stories and sorry for the loss of your brother – I lost my older brother in 2010…Miss him but he is at peace at least now! My mother’s side of the house in the McNeil clan when I was in UK on government business trip bought her some items of that nature they had all kinds of shops and reminded me a lot of littlle New England Towns – this was ten years was in the fall of 1999. Close to Fetwell AFB had a good time the week I was there and still have the pounds etc at the house this way! 🙂 Thank you both Mary & Kim! 🙂 It always great to walk so you know where your headed forward 🙂


    • Thanks Dave. I had to send along the photo of my cranberry apple pie as it reminded me of the photo on your post of the song “our winter love” :). I always enjoy your posts ~ I can vision the places you write about and appreciate the path you guide us to. My best to you and Kim.


      • God Bless and your family! Thank you Mary – and keep them coming because I enjoy the food 🙂 and prospective 🙂 Happy New Year! You do bloom where your planted and replanted takes time but find a way! 🙂 🙂


  • We had the honor of hosting Mary’s brother’s wedding and sadly, his memorial service on the Lannon. A wonderful family, staying connected to their Gloucester roots. We treasure the memories and friendship with Mary, Sally, and family.


  • Leslie Y. De Vaney

    Dear Mary, I enjoyed your photos/post. I’m also a descendant of Gloucester (MacLeod…same plaid, lol. My grandmother married an Orne.) We resided on top of the hill on Mt. Vernon Street. I heard the name Wonson growing up, but my elders have passed on, so I have no one to ask. Now I’m the matriarch. Where did the time go?


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