Sunrise Today: Sun is closest to the Earth!


Sunrise Rockport January 5, 2014. Breakwater to the left and the Thacher Island Twin Lighthouses to the right with Straitsmouth lighthouse too.

The sun reached perihelion last night which means it is the closest it gets to earth all year. Can’t you feel those rays up close and personal? This morning from Andrews Point the sun rose to the right of the breakwater. In a few short weeks that sunrise will move behind the breakwater as it heads north to … wait for it … SUMMER!

-Rubber Duck armed with a weenie iPhone 5s


  • Gorgeous–both water and sunrise.


  • That’s a gem, Paul. Thanks for sharing.


  • A beautiful good morning ~ glad you caught it for us ~


  • Very cool picture!


  • Reblogged this on Writing Out Loud and commented:
    Rockport, one of my favorite places!


  • I love Rockport. I have a print in front of me titled, “Reflections” from the Stilson gallery that used to be there. One of my mother’s favorite places also, we sprinkled some of her ashes there. Thanks for the beautiful shot of “home”.


  • Sunrise
    By Peter A. Todd 02/14/2010

    The Sunrise reflecting on the morning tide
    A flock of sparrows perched upon a wooden fence
    The American eagle soaring across the sky
    Man’s best friend by his owner’s side in cadence
    Gloucester’s first clam digger working the flat
    Our Fishing Fleet at their full labor
    Lobster men making ready to set their traps
    Mother Nature’s gift blossoming in full favor
    Monuments and statues carved in granite or stone
    Our countries flag flowing in the morning breeze
    Gloucester’s MIA Flag always searching in stance
    A message to beloved in our hearts their not alone
    Visions are also within my heart and soul
    That our children should never live in fear
    These above all else is the prayer my heart unfolds
    It is the vision that we see sharp and clear


  • What a beauty it is – this year this way tradition for South Koreans is watch the sunrise for the New Year like many locations world-wide…It is populat for their Luna New Year South Korea Holidays this way as FYI:

    Holidays and Observances:
    1 Jan New Year’s Day
    30 Jan Seollal Holiday Day 1
    31 Jan Seollal Holiday Day 2
    1 Feb Seollal Holiday Day 3
    1 Mar Independence Movement Day
    5 Apr Arbor Day
    1 May Labor Day
    5 May Children’s Day
    6 May Buddha’s Birthday
    8 May Parents’ Day
    6 Jun Memorial Day
    17 Jul Constitution Day
    15 Aug Liberation Day
    7 Sep Mid-Autumn Festival Day 1
    8 Sep Mid-Autumn Festival Day 2
    9 Sep Mid-Autumn Festival Day 3

    1 Oct Armed Forces Day
    3 Oct National Foundation Day
    9 Oct Hangeul Proclamation Day
    24 Dec Christmas Eve
    25 Dec Christmas Day
    31 Dec New Year’s Eve


  • absolutely beautiful, thank you!


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