Rocky Neck is so Pretty in Winter

Rocky Neck is so Pretty in Winter

This being my first winter on Rocky Neck, I thought I might miss how pretty Annisquam is in the snow.  In addition to having a fun and active community that doesn’t hibernate in winter, Rocky Neck is as pretty as Annisquam, and cooler.  I am very happy being here year round.

E.J. Lefavour


  • We’re really glad you’re here too!


  • I can certainly see why! It is pretty over here by Stage Fort Park, but not as social and inspirational as the Rocky Neck crowd! You make me want to take more photos; winter skies are amazing. Thanks for everything that you do in/for our community. See you soon! Cindy


  • Love them all ~ sometimes I think I would like to print out all the GMG photos for a year and have a Gloucester wall going through all the seasons ~


    • Mary, you would have to have a really large wall in your house to have room for all the GMG photos published for a whole year, even if they were printed small. It would make for a very interesting room though.


      • Thinking on the wall ~ behind the computer in the lower level ~ ummmm if not the seasons it could be one row of back shore, one row of good harbor beach, one row or rocky neck ~ one row Niles pond ~ one row of food, flowers and fun ~ ummm


  • Nice to see what’s happening in RN without the long trip to get there. I envy you living there.
    Great shots. Got my check from the Colony today. Wow, I’m happy with how well I did. I really appreciate all the member’s hard work to put it together, especially all that you did.


  • I grew up on Rocky Neck, and now I
    live in Annisquam. Believe me, Rocky Neck folded up like an envelope in the winter. The only place that stayed opened was Peters. (which is now known as Sailor Stans.) Peter stayed opened all year long, (every day of the week) and it was such a wonderful place for the locals to meet, have coffee, or just pick up a loaf of bread and a quart of milk. Rocky Neck was a real community back then, all year round, and I miss it.


    • All that, and just across the street from Peters we gathered on winter nights at Sibley’s to discuss worldly matters like the state of local fisheries and decay in our aging boats.


    • Sailor Stan’s is still open most weekends in winter, and the Last Stop is open. We are also really fortunate on Rocky Neck to have the Cultural Center which has things going on year round.


  • Wm. Skipper Publicover

    E.J. you are a very pleasant addition.


  • For sure. Keep it coming EJ, and thanks for all your contributions to GMG.


    • How you doing Al? Did you guys get a lot of snow? It feels like spring here today – the days are getting longer – you’ll be back on the water in no time.


      • EJ… The heavy snow skipped us and landed on you. Only got six inches of the nice dry easy-to-shovel kind. But the rain-then-cold that’s on the way will turn it to stone.

        That was a nice post on the buffleheads. I never knew that!


  • Really beautiful pictures here and memory lane of the big snow storms of the past brought a smile to my face…We also made extra money in those days shoveling for folks driveways and sidewalks then go to Sarri’s store or Mc Pherson’s or Kenny’s and sped it:-)

    P.S. Comics, penny-candy and ding dongs and the cokes bottles pulled out of machines – won’t be riding that bike foe a bit!!!


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