• Thinks Like A Fish

    My understanding is that when the feed normally they’ll swing through with their sword to chop the fish up and eat the scraps of the ones that they’ve cut that are dead/floating around. You can see he chopped at them with his sword the entire time, and in fact took a piece off of one of the rubber bait on the top left. Problem is it kept moving instead of floating around injured/dead. He must be a smart one, because he didn’t bite.


  • I don’t think like a sailfish but I think TLAF has it right. She came in and was whacking the hell out of them. She also raised her sail each time to scare the bait. Since the bait did not change behavior or fall back after being whacked she must have thought something was off.

    This is probably way too complicated but if one of those baits had a twenty foot leader looped to a clip that when struck let the bait drop back I bet she would nail it. Or the fisherman could pick up the rod and let the drag out for pulses to make it appear like the bait is suddenly incapacitated. (This is also a way to disaster because nothing gets screwed up faster than a rod that gets a strike while you are flipping the drag on and off. SNAP goes the line)

    What I would like to know is what camera can do that not creating a bubbly wake. Nice clear shot. Must be a GoPro in some kind of pod.


  • Freddy says those are hookless baits…teasers. The point is to attract the fish then they let out the “real” lines to hook it. Sometimes the fish will pick those baits off and just spit them out. If the fish won’t get off the teasers they haul them in to get it to focus on the hooked lines. His explanation was more complicated….but sometimes it is like he is speaking latin when he explains sport fishing to me. I’m sure I didn’t do that justice.


  • You would think that the fishes would be used to all the plastic by now. It seems to make up a large part of their (and birds/marine mammels) diet already.


  • That was cool! Thanks Joey.


  • Awesome video! We go for Sailfish in Costa Rica. Often, the Sailfish will swipe at the trolled baits but not bite, so we toss in a live or dead bait on a different rod (spinning rod is my favorite) and let it go free spool. It’s awesome feeding a bait to a Sailfish & feel them take it!!


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