• Nice ~ my first skate ~ double runners on Niles pond. Cousins and brother and lots of encouragement ūüėČ


  • My experience was on Days Pond playing hockey, we even had two goals we hauled out from the side used big nails to hold them in place. As I was a whooping 4-11 at 12 years old shorty- I got stuck in the goal before the padding days ouch and bruises‚ĶCCM days for sure :-)ÔĀä


    • Dave, it is so wonderful that you discovered Good Morning Gloucester. It seems to be the perfect place for you to reconnect with and reminisce about a home and childhood you obviously enjoyed a great deal and have such fond memories of. Happy to occasionally put up photos and things that bring back those memories for you.


      • Sorry for being windy but your words sparked the thoughts of a story personal! You at GMG offer me great solace and the beautiful photos of time as child where you are amazed at evreything or shall I say exploring. The folks that way were there when I needed them the most. I had an “alcoholic dad,” mom divorced him when I was 6-7 who suffered from PTSD so things were not always fun when he come home Friday nights from Boston where he drove a truck and stayed that way all week except on weekends Holiday time off :-O First mission on Friday night was to get the money before it was all spent at the watering hole. He fought the Korea war fromwithin the bottle I did not understand that then but do now and understand the how and why. The reason I share this is there is nothing wrong with having issues there is something wrong with not trying to get help to overcome them. It’s a long road for many some it’s works, many it does not, all of it comes from within and it has to be you who takes the actions! “The Gloucester Policeman who came to the house and took him gave the family a needed boost to move on from domestic violence and in those days what do you do with 3 boys and a daughter as a housewife? I think most understand the Cape and how important foundation is action in this case was needed but different in the early 60’s than today much better support groups and we understand the issues more! “The Gloucester Police have a very special place in my heart and I will never forget what they do and the pain they see. I know this first hand. God bless our public safety folks and never forget to say thanks the Wheel on the patch is the same fellow they looks over the harbor like they look over the community! Keep up the great work it has healing properties and we can joke while walking the path of life! Sometimes you have to look back to see forward!

        I have long since forgiven him only wish we could have hooked up as that would be full closure then he passed away in Aug 1998 in FL, same month I came back to South Korea. I tried locatiing him prior but was given various locations on the East Coast none proved correct and his records were burned up in St Louis. The condtions og the war this way then were extremely bad (Forgotten War). All wars are hard on the warriors you always leave something of yourself! He lost himself this way, I found myself here! I think you know how much people and places help you in times of need that’s a gift that continues today Cape Ann and that’s something to be very proud of!! Each day I wake and I am thankful for another, and never take anything for granted!

        Thanks ūüôā Dave & Kim (My Kim is the other foundation what a lucky guy to have such a beautiful wife from within and out ūüôā

        A quote from a friends book he just wrote:
        ‚ÄúNo daddy,‚ÄĚ Cole whispered, ‚ÄúThey‚Äôre what keep you below the surface of the water. They‚Äôve made you heavy,‚ÄĚ Cole answered softly, ‚ÄúSo heavy.‚ÄĚ

        Derek thought back to the stumbles and crashes when he started running and realized Cole had been trying to life him up, to talk with him even then. So much of life had been spent keeping score, holding grudges and carrying the pieces of his guilt and shame, shaping them into what he falsely believed was armor. Now he realized that all he had done was forge his own shackles.”

        Happy New Year winter time of reflection when things slow a bit!


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