Do They Bother You?

I Like Them. You?

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About Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Paints and Photographs scenes of Gloucester, Massachusetts Waterfront and Cape Ann.
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48 Responses to Do They Bother You?

  1. Joey C says:

    Didn’t think I would but like.

  2. Jenn Cullen says:

    I really like them. I can see 2 of them from my kitchen windows and I do enjoy it. Of course if I was closer, I might feel differently, not sure if they are bothering anyone close with some of the buffering issues that we read about here. I thought we were going to get stats of usage, etc., once these were up for a while, isn’t it time for that? Or I wonder if they are available online somewhere?

  3. I’ve had conversations with people in Falmouth who detest their wind turbines and I was expecting to not like the Cape Ann ones. But I like them. They are impressive. Driving a boat up from Woods Hole and spotting them as I turned away from Graves Light they looked pretty cool. Up close they are pretty cool too.

    I think the major problem with the Falmouth ones is that they built them too close to neighborhoods. You can hear them as you sleep. The town has also not been very good at listening to concerns from the neighbors. Mostly it has been “screw you” to the point of ignoring judge’s orders to turn them off at night.

    Gloucester’s look well thought out. I don’t think any house could possibly hear them. I’ve been up right next to them while they were cranking and they are pretty quiet. I think this comes from being so big. The msaller ones make noise. The only time I have seen “flicker” is coming down the hill leaving the island between the rotaries at dawn. It’s kind of weird to have the long shadows flashing but it is only right after dawn and only at certain times of the year.

    Way better than a coal smokestack.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m probably one of the minority that DOES NOT like them. They remind me of space ship stuff. I think they are just ugly huge eye sores for our beautiful lil waterfront community. But that’s me. I’m sure others love it :(

  5. Anonymous says:

    Joey…I know Walnuts has had his share of hardships in life, things I would not wish on my worst enemies, but for the life of me, why do you post this shit. He brings nothing to the table. Amanda and BJ could post more entertaining stuff. Your two daughters would do better. How many times have we seen pictures of the windmills on this site. It’s been well covered and I have enjoyed them all. But “I like them. You?” Really? There are so many funny videos out there (as your Heart Attack City video shows), and he comes up with “Can’t Wrap This”. Really? Lets clean it up for the new year. Let him know he has to step up his game, if he has it in him. “Make glorious, amazing mistakes” I don’t think this is what Neil Gaiman had in mind.
    PS – Great job. This is one of the few sites I visit daily. Thank you. Happy New Year!

  6. I dig them. I hope we get a year-end tally on energy created. I’m very curious.

  7. Awesome shots of the turbines by the way. From the ocean they are way more than a landmark to find Cape Ann. Whether you are in Ipswich Bay, Sandy Bay off Thacher Island or all the way down to Beverly you can take a look at those vanes and figure out what the weather is up to. All you have to do is remember that they go clockwise when the wind hits them. You can be sitting in Sandy Bay and see that the wind has stalled then switched to out of the northwest maybe a nasty thunderstorm is trying to sneak up on you.

    If you look at them from far away with the wind calm but those things are spinning like mad counterclockwise you might want to seek shelter.

    Back to the photos:
    In one of the shots you can almost see the beach where you are going to freeze your ass completely off tomorrow!

    • Fredrik Bodin says:

      Paul, check out my FB Page. Some of your work colleagues are liking my post, which will be on GMG tomorrow at 9:01am.

  8. cammygrammy says:

    I like them. I like the clean energy and find they have a soothing aesthetic.

  9. E.J. says:

    I like them. I think they look like big birds in flight. And I like the fact that they are almost always turning and generating power, as they are meant to. As Paul Morrison said, they are a heck of a lot more appealing than coal smokestacks.

  10. Paul F I really think you should tell anon to kiss your ass. Your post is the quintessential GMG post that I strive to do but fail. A photo of Gloucester and one short sentence. Like a GMG Haiku.

    I try to do it but then this friggin’ duck wants to be written about and by the time I include her I have even bored the shit out of myself.

    My 2014 goal for GMG posts is to go more photos of Cape Ann, less blathering, and keeping the talk about the rubbery one to a minimum.

    And anon’s suggestions of more videos? Please don’t. Videos suck. They suck up time and energy. We all know where the internet is. Unless the video is filmed on Cape Ann I say punt that crap.

  11. Fredrik Bodin says:

    When the win turbines were first installed, I really hated them. Now, a year later, I hardly notice them.

  12. Bill says:

    Bird Choppers. War of the Worlds. You’ll never see one of those in Marblehead or Manchester by the Sea or any other town that understands the real estate market.

  13. Anonymous says:

    They bare more attractive and interesting than oil rigs — love, love them from every angle- give me more pics thanks! Happy New Year

  14. Tom Halsted says:

    They’re the three dancing girls, performing a constant ballet. Always a pleasant surprise when I come over the hill into town from 128 and they loom up into view on the skyline, or when I head downtown over “Blindside” Avenue from East Gloucester. And as Paul Morrison notes, they offer a bonus, telling us which way the wind is blowing and what weather to expect.

  15. I think they’re lovely. Impressive looking things, and I like the whole hippie-dippie green energy thing. If some rich folks get into a twist about eyesores and real estate values, it’s no skin off my back.

    Besides, what’s more suited to a seaside town than harvesting the ocean breeze? Apart from it’s done with turbine blades instead of sails.

  16. Shelley Vincent says:

    I think the Cape Ann ones look somewhat abstract and artsy but agree the ones in Falmouth
    look sort of tacky.

  17. Love the wind turbines and love what they are doing … saving money for the city and using wind power as an energy source. They are beautiful also.

  18. maggiejeanw says:

    Love them…Gloucester is one of the most progressive cities on the East Coast.

  19. charlene carrier says:

    what an awesome sight when passing the turbines on the 128 feel as if you could reach out and touch..CC

  20. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Susan H. I am proud of our wind energy! So lets keep our City clean in every way. My wish for the new year is that we all work together on a “Clean City Initiative” beginning with everyone taking personal responsibilility to pick up the litter on their properties,in our streets, on our beaches and in our woods.Then let’s break our litter fever and try developing and implementing improvements to our poorly designed trash collection/recycling methods. Our current method contributes to our litter problem by allowing bags to be pulled apart by dogs and wildlife to then to blow all over our streets and into our woods, water sources,marshes, etc.,never to be picked up. We live in a windy/wildlife environment so does it make sense that recycling bins are not only too small but also don’t have a closed lid so the wind/wildlife cannot distribute it all over the place? Last, please dog owners, I love dogs but please pick up the poop and deposit it in a proper recepticle. I walk a lot,all over the City. I hate to say this but 2013 was a banner year for littering and dog poop -what’s that all about? So everyone, let’s step up and each do our part in 2014 so we really can be proud of our wonderful CIty. Gloucester, TRASHachusetts no more? Please,think about it.

  21. Sarah Jane says:

    I saw them from the air, while returning by plane to Logan. It was exciting to see how close I was to home. Love these things.

  22. Every revolution of those blades benefits our children.

  23. Noviva says:

    Mixed emotions,,,I believe in clean energy but they are an eyesore.

  24. shew says:

    i like them and pauls posts! wonder who anonymous is???

  25. Vicki says:

    At first I thought they were really cool, but I’m over it now, and enjoy the natural landscape without them better.

  26. lands ender says:

    They don’t bother me. Kind of cool looking. Are they saving the city much money on electricity? Have they killed any birds? I wonder if, years from now, a blade will fly off and hit a car on the Extension.

  27. Thanks for the support. But i’m sure this person is just breaking Balls. There’s nothing less than I like than a great ball busting! Just go with it!

  28. Dave Moore says:

    I had to break out my Lexington Bicentennial coin from 1975 (Pride in our past – Faith in our Future).” I think there will alway be pro and con in this area…to each his own respect to disagree or agree. Location has a lot to do with acceptance…compromise where possible…A lot bettter than glow in the dark and getting rid ot the by products of such…LIving in the very rural areas many times went without electrictiy or gas, or running water, so had a candle or oil lamp, to stay warm chopped wood for wood stove, and hauled water from the creek…had the Carson National Forrest El Rito -for a backyard and had to get the rattlesnake out of outhouse one time as it like being out of the elements weather etc…I loved it as lots of traditions like the Cape!

    Happy New Year’s to all!

  29. Hilary McKinnon says:

    I’m not a home owner and live in Beverly now so I haven’t seen any decrease in your power bills. You can hear them from E. Gloucester according to my mom. I don’t like them but don’t like change much anyways. I think Fredrik has a point, they must take time to get used to. I still have the article about our gas pipes that they ripped up the streets without bothering to think it through, but they are now well hidden. I hope the payoff is worth it and they are not very loud from where she is, wonder how they will stand up to this storm. I guess you can’t please everyone. Good luck.

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