• Imagine my surprise when googling a few things, and I stumbled upon GMG and Nicole Wadsworth ….my daughter’s (now 18 years old!) pre-school teacher at Harborlight Montessori School – Back in the day, Nicole was getting ready to marry “Freddy the Fish”, we had a bridal shower for her, and we even went to her wedding- placing fish in the centerpieces at the Farm, and hoping they wouldn’t jump out! WOW! Happy New Year Nicole! so glad you’re loving life!


  • Hi Margaret! Please tell Faith that I say “hi”!!! I remember you all fondly (and your help with the wedding…beautiful flowers)!!! I hope all is well. I’m still at Harborlight (now Harborlight-Stoneridge) and teaching 1st-3rd grade. My 20th school year! Freddy and our two young sons are great. It is also fantastic that Joey allows me to crash his unbelievable blog party once in awhile! He has amazing things going on! Now that you’ve stumbled upon it, I hope you check it out often!!! It is a completely comprehensive place to discover all things about Cape Ann and have lots of laughs while doing so!! I’d love an update on Faith. I’m sure she is up to amazing things! 🙂


    • Hi Nichole – Faith is great – A senior in high school, fitness fanatic, always busy and very independent/autonomous/opinionated (some things don’t change!) She went to El Salvador last year for a fabulous service trip, and is returning this February vacation. College is on the horizon, but she is thinking about a gap year too- Her top schools are Clemson, U GA, Roanoke. She’s waiting on Clemson & U GA. She’s been accepted at Roanoke with a fabulous merit scholarship(surprised with this as a top choice- small, undergrad only – but she LOVES the location, the fact that it allows research in freshman year, and more), UVM, UNH, Wheaton (her college counsellor thought it would be a great fit?) Otterbein, Allegheny, Mary Washington, JMU. She is an avid equestrian. She events. She had an amazing pony, Devon – but she parted with him, to purchase her new horse, Win.- You can see her on Facebook (mine or hers). I know she’d LOVE to catch up with you- I mentioned that I “found” you, and she was excited….she immediately recalled the fish, the flowers, and bumping in to you on Nantucket one time for the Daffodil Festival! All good- Take care, and hope to see your smiling face one of these days in person! Best to you in 2014!


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