Son Of A B….

You try to do something nice and someone has to try to ruin it.

I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas. I wanted to get a High Powered BB Gun.

But My Wife Cathy said I’d shoot my Eye out.



  • What you should’ve asked for is one of these:
    Kinda cute to watch the little rodents hangin on for dear life only to fall off because they’re still dizzy when they try to move.


  • you’d probably hit everything except the damn squirrel anyways…


  • I got one and found out I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn so I put the feeders on metal poles and load ’em up with grease. Works ’till the sun gets at it.


  • One of the proudest days of my father’s life was when he built a bird-feeder that was absolutely, no-questions-asked, squirrel-proof. Two layers of wire mesh, big slick clear plastic dome cover, suspended by wire and cables that only an engineer could love, but it worked. High comedy as the squirrels flew off onto the lawn below — the birds knocked down plenty of seed for them anyway.


  • Nice setup and nice shots here! All I can say is hold on to your nuts there you squirrels – You would be surprised at how many of those nuts these cheeks hold. My wife used to feed one in Colorado springs of the apartment we lived at then…Come up the walk-way tap his little paws on thw sliding glass door to living room to let her know he was awaiting for his peanuts (unsalted raw ones)…:-)


  • Thanks All for the responses, But I would never hit the squirrell, I would hit the post if I could.
    The birds have took over.


  • Paul – you would not go to the toruble of putting this up for wildlife if you did not love it…I can tell you also the way I was brought up even on hunting you shoot it you eat it! I understand the humor and i took it as such! Thanks Happy New Year! 🙂


  • They sell ground red pepper to add to the seed. Squirrels don’t like it but birds do. It won’t hurt them.
    Then I fill peanuts in the squirrel feeder and the Blue Jays take them.


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