Sista Felicia Got Flocked By The Carls!



Last night while cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, my husband Barry heard a ruckus outside and peeked out the window…to find  a sea of pink flamingos hanging out on our front lawn…. Flocking Hilarious!


This note was tapped to our front door…


A few days go I dropped off a box of Italian Cookies to my friends “The Carls”, as a thank you for their special treat they had me “Flocked!” Thank Carl & Carl….I very much appreciate your kind gesture, and I’m thrilled to be apart of this wonderful Fundraiser…Hummm… who shall I shall I flock?????????????

If you are interested in flocking someone contact Team Hoyt


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8 Responses to Sista Felicia Got Flocked By The Carls!

  1. What flocking fun! I’m thinking your posts will be much fun to read at the end of the day! Looking forward to your recipe and home ideas in the new year ~

  2. Anonymous says:

    tee hee hee

  3. Lowell Peabody says:

    Now that’s fun! Thought I understood that ONE Flamingo outside a house was a sign there was a party on.. Wonder what it means when a flock appears?

  4. Sarah says:

    Hahahaha…… love iiiiiiiiiit lol

  5. Bill Langer says:

    See, this is the sort of thing that makes America the great country that it is! You think this happens in North Korea? Happy New Year!

  6. Dave Moore says:

    What a great surprise – thought you were in the Florida or the keys (Snowbirds)? :-)

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