Reflections at Brace Cove and Niles Pond

Brace Cove Haror Seal copy

Our plane was delayed 7 hours en route to Cincinnati for Christmas. Fortunately, we were able to stay in contact with the airline from home. My daughter Liv and I went for a walk along the berm dividing Brace Cove and Niles Pond while waiting to leave. As we were looking at the sun setting over Niles Pond, we by chance turned towards Brace Cove and were captivated by the vibrant colors reflected in the windows of the home on the point. Magically a Harbor Seal swam onto the scene and scootched up on the rock and he too, caught the last of the sun’s fleeting light!

Niles Pond sunsetNiles Pond December Sunset


  • Dale’s Cove house ~ the views of Niles Pond and beyond are just as captivating, vibrant and happily magical from inside the house. Looks like a nice welcome home walk ~ thanks for sharing!


  • The special time spent a good part of a late departure – (logan late)? Thanks Kim -Such a beautiful place wonder what the seal is thinking alone out on the rock…Here a 1979 song that was popular this way for the troops serving here in South Korea – Alan Parsons was popular also so many memories.

    AL STEWART “Time Passages”


  • Wow, wow! Serene and beautiful. Thought of you today while visiting a butterfly habitat in Key West. It, too, was beautiful! Nature never disappoints.


    • Thank you saint707. I would love to know more about the butterfly habitat that you visited in Key West and the butterflies and plants that you saw there.

      And thank you too for your always thoughtful and interesting comments. A very Happy New Year to you saint707!


  • such a magical place….this was my playground as a kid….still undisturbed thank god….great captureing of the feel to it.


  • Absolutely tranquil and gorgeous. It really does give you peace on earth and goodwill to all. Thanks for posting it I really needed to be reminded of the beauty that simply exists


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