Dave Sag’s post Christmas Blues Party 8-11@The Rhumb Line ~12.26.2013

dave bw

Before I even start, let me please thank you all for  very nice year of playing music and for allowing me to invade your brainstems weekly with potentially dangerous information. I wish you and yours the very nicest Holiday Season. and hope for many more!
Okay, now back to it: Our post-xMas healing process begins Thursday night with the arrival of Ms. Lydia Warren. This lady knocked the fillings out of my teeth at this summer’s Glou. Blues Festival. A wonderful songstress, vocalist and ornery guitarist,  she’ll have you cavorting and gavotting in the aisles, whatever that means. She’ll be bringing along her insignificant other, too, in the form of Mr. Matt Kelley, a dynamic and road-worthy guitarist, to fill in the blanks. Squeeks and other percussion by  that tonsorially-challenged Drumbo, Mr. Steevee Chaggaris. I will have gained 5 pounds.

lydia warren


And here are distant early warnings about upcoming events:
Jan.2 Rik and Alec Razdan with the A-minus orchestra, includes me. Come celebrate the beginning of suicide season!
Jan.9 Andrew Clark. The tootin’ Torquemada of the tenor is out to destroy your will!  Billy Loosigian rocks out!
Jan.16 Chris “Stovall” Brown and his tooth-biting glitar!
Jan.23 The Good Old Salty Jazz Band. We get encores at the Senior center all the time. Come see what you’ve been missing whilst you doze in your Barcalounger.
Jan.30 Johnny Carwash aka Bob Davis steps up to your upper plate and knocks your teeth out.  Pyrotechnics (again) by Billy Loosigian, who was forced to learn a jazz chord for this date. Instrumental and surf madness ensues.

THE RHUMB LINE BAR & RESTAURANT40 Railroad Ave.Gloucester, MA 01930phone: 978-283-9732


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