Good Egg Report

Good afternoon all happy holidays
Wanted to let you know what Myriah Tucker works in the Oncology department here at AGH, and myself have been up to with the help of the Salvation Army and the community of Gloucester including Sen. Tarr office
Since times are tough and we wanted to make sure that everyone gets something for Christmas I did my own fund raising and with the approval of Salvation Army we helped Cancer patients. Actual people helped through AGH:
60 people
28 of them children
13 cancer patients,
 I want to thank the community of Gloucester, Cape Ann Savings Bank employees & La Trattoria and individuals were out pouring,
Cross fit Cape Ann adopted a whole family
Pigeon Cove Circle is donating a  Christmas meal to one of our cancer patient.
and we had extra toys for little ones we donated the rest to Sen. Tarr who had his own gathering of toys delivered them to
Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.
I think AGH, Salvation Army Sen. Tarr and the rest of the donors my angels god bless
Merry Christmas
Warmest regards Sefatia


  • Warmest thanks and Christmas wishes to Santa Sefatia and all Gloucester Santa helpers ~


  • Thank you for news to the spirit of the season and all your work too Sefatia


  • Excellent and best wishes to Santa Sefatia and all the Gloucester helpers you made a difference for those who received this blessing! God Bless you all! Dave & Kim 🙂 🙂

    “This reminds me of a saying from the book given to me by the author and good friend spirit keeper of wisdom – as a special gift “Spirit on the run! A gidt that will give you balance for sure! “By DJ Eagle Bear Vanas

    “Have you seen a shooting star? “They travel so far, so very far and in the last second they burn so bright, don’t they? That long Journey led to that pretty flash you see, that pretty flash you remember forever.” By DJ Vanas


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