New York City Bans Styrofoam Food Containers


Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research and Education | December 20, 2013 12:47

The Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research and Education (COARE), applauds the New York City Council for its decision yesterday to ban food service expanded polystyrene (EPS) within city limits. EPS is commonly referred to as “styrofoam.”

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New York City Bans Styrofoam Food Containers


This has got to be looked at as a positive IMO.  I wouldn’t care if the coffee costs an extra nickel a cup in the name of getting more styrofoam off the streets and into our oceans.

Good on NYC.

I like this move.

How bout you?

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15 Responses to New York City Bans Styrofoam Food Containers

  1. Rebecca Reynolds says:

    Agreed! We all need to take responsibility for this. Thanks for sharing the good news!

  2. cammygrammy says:

    Sounds great to me !

  3. Christopher says:

    Agreed. That shit gets everywhere. Especially into our oceans (and fish, lobsters, birds, etc.).

  4. Judy B says:

    Two thumbs up!
    Let’s hope it starts a trend elsewhere.

  5. Dave Moore says:

    They use this in some of the new construction projects this way for insulation. Funny out west the adobe houses and homes lived in warm in winter -cooler in summer…seal with stucco most times outer or leave natural but over the years weather elements will erode it some so have to reseal…I know the birds got in crack in the what we called the bunkhouse made a home got a little loud in Am – but I sort of liked that :-)

  6. dmitra says:

    That would be wonderful. I pick it up n the beaches all the time.

  7. Kim Smith says:

    Would be tremendous if Gloucester did the same. Are there any local businesses/ restaurants that use only cardboard for their to-go containers? Would love to know who they are, and if so, and send them some extra love!

  8. Shelley Vincent says:

    Awesome !

  9. chuckerdu says:

    Can’t say how many times my heart would sink when walking the dog bar breakwater and seeing all that crap lodged in there. In Brookline where I work they’ve outlawed styrofoam and plastic bags

  10. Deb Nypaver says:

    Getting rid of styrofoam AND plastic bags would be one of the best moves Gloucester could ever make in helping remove and get rid or two insidious problems. I’m all in! Let’s do this!!!

  11. Suzie the Q says:

    How about off the streets and out of our oceans!

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is the best enviro thing ever…styrofoam is nasty…lets get rid of it.
    But could the govt pease give me back my 100 watt lightbulbs?

  13. Judy B says:

    Our family would like those 100 bulbs back, too!

  14. Love it. I am proud of New York for doing this. I agree with Kim…maybe we can encourage Gloucester to do the same. When I eat at a restaurant and can’t finish my food, I actually ask the server to be sure NOT to put the extra food in styrofoam. They think I’m nuts, but I’m glad to do it.

  15. Patti Amaral says:


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