• Wow good work here what no TUX? – now are those (Ked’s or PF flyer’s)? I remember my first pair all us kids were running around and jumping like the old commercials: Happy Holidays and Dave:-) Kim:-)


  • Anything I wore was hand me downs and if there was any name brand it was worn away before I saw them. I remember an older sister making fun of my sneakers calling them “Baby Bumpers” but doubtful that was a brand name. 😉


  • Paul, I can relate to that also and mom did not get the money before dad went to package store be a long week…these types items were far and few between and took care of them.
    Thanks ! 🙂


  • The black high tops in the front right appear to be Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. They look like they’ve got some pretty good mileage on ’em too.


    • By the time they got handed down to me the odometer was rolling over but a little Duck Tape in the soles and they were ready to go. I do remember not being able to bend my knees because of the number of patches mom had sown on the inside of my blue jeans.


  • OMG – your family is so damn cute! What a riot; enjoy the Stone Pub this pm; that sounds like a good idea to me! Merry Christmas, Cindy H.


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