Gordon Sax joins The Thursday night blues party tonight @ The Rhumb Line 8-11 ~ 12.19.2013

Dave Sag's

Dave Sag’s

 Dave says,

 Well, this is it. The high point of my year. My therapist, me, warns me not to believe everything I think. I’m going with that one. And you should too. So, come out this Thursday to witness the Star in the East who’s gonna fall out of the sky and land on his ass just for you. Not Fred, I’m talking about that formidable pied piper Mr. Gordon “Sax” Beadle. Frontman, and master of the tenor honk-a-phonium, this guy is the drill sergeant of the blues. He’ll have you quaking and reaching for the brass ring all night long. Sax Gordon is my personal favorite blasting cap. Fire in the hole!!
But wait! There’s more. Knot only is Gordie on the bill, but also my favorite drumbler and comedy partner, Mr. Edd Scheer. Known for his incredible understanding of my random mutterings, Edd’s sure to raise your blood pressure by 30 PSI. We both suffer  from riposte traumatic stress disorder, leaving our incredible Qatarist, Mr. Mike DiBari, lurching in the wake of  the verbal tsunami. It’ll be the best night of the year! You’ll quake, you’ll shake, you’ll need  some kind of crutch. Bring Diaperine®.



40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

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