Long Story Short


Stella, our dog, small brain, but good memory of scary experiences. For example, four years after stepping in a puddle on the first granite step of the porch she still refuses to step on it. Pauses, then leaps over the steps. THERE ARE ALLIGATORS IN PUDDLES AND THEY WILL EAT ME!
Last spring Stella looking out front window making sure the dogs and dog walkers are leaving her yard. (When they enter she hides but as soon as they are moving away our super hero might even bark once.)
She is doing this one night and a cat who has been on the porch sticks her head up right in Stella’s face. Stella has a doggy heart attack but does get off a bark once the cat has split. Then for several weeks she is parked at that window waiting for the return of the demon cat. Bored one night, I whip off a cat silhouette on the band saw, sneak out on the porch and stick it in Stella’s face. Endless amusement. After a half hour I stopped figuring Stella might have a stroke if I kept it up.
Stuck the silhouette in the shop window which has no heat and this morning thought I might try a Len and shoot some ice crystals.
But I may have learned something. We had an insane cat bird who would slam into our windows in the spring. I think he was attacking the interloper he saw as a reflection. I think when he comes back this spring the window he hits is the one I put the cat in. Or Rubber Ducks. Not the Rubber Duck but I have enough ducks to put in every window. Shoot, I could put an LED light in each and be ready for Festivus.
As always, click twice to embiggen, an iPhone in Rockport.


  • OMG, I am imagining Stella feeling like I did when I was surprised by the screaming ghost video.


  • Hi Paul, I hope you and RD are feeling better. I’ve had a stomach thing, and it bugs the shit out of me. The worst part is, I can’t eat the yummy and rich food that arrives for gallery events. Great crowd last night for the GMG party. We may have to stage your next tuxedo profile photo.


    • I was thinking of showing up at your Gallery today in a Tuxedo to take the trash to the dump so I could update my avatar but was still feeling a little dodgy. A 24 hour bug for sure as I am now cleaning the shop and I could play the part of a good Caganer in a Manger scene with no difficulty.


      • Tomorrow, Sunday, will be cleanup day. Email or speak to me directly on the phone to confirm if you feel up to it. I was totally destroyed today,


  • Nice ice Paul, and you had a story to go with it. Sorry you missed the shindig. You were probably lucky you didn’t have to listen to the Old Folks Group.


  • Creative photo ~ but what a tease you are ~ poor dog ~ not to mention the bird ~ LOL


  • nb: No dogs or birds were harmed in any of the described peculiarities above. Dogs and birds are smarter than me so any harm is done to my psyche, not theirs. 😉

    I can make a nice silhouette of anything you like on my band saw in just a few minutes. I am sure they deserve it.


  • Hope everyone is feeling better that 24 hour bug never fun!! Very smart dog testing the weather before venturing out – We had a dog that as soon as you opened the door and cold wind blew in changed his mind about going out B-line…Keep in mind of course was pawing at door to be let out. 🙂 I really like the ice in windows brings back those memories of looking out. If I remember correctly as many moons ago there was a young man who was licking snow on the Mystic River Bridge ( Charlestown- Chelsea) and tongue got sort of stuck to it cold steel! OUCH.


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