• Wm. Skipper Publicover

    Navy on the move ! Not very stelth


  • SO..did you follow them? Donna “Stealth” Ardizzoni is not to be denied!! 🙂


    • Hi Lowell, Thanks for the post, we were on Rte. 95 and I pulled over to try to get a photo and could not follow them because they were going too fast.. fun to see them after seeing them in Gloucester Harbor


  • I followed their caravan into town last Thursday night…


  • Memory Lane! We were not very stealth either, pretty hard to be in some cases… Very good photo catch here memory lane again – Riding in one of these it quite an experience unless your vehicle breaks down or you get stuck in the blue bird bus after a few hours in them bus seats begin to look like them 🙂

    I did many myself I loved to drive – My Capt, Caught me in the back of a deuce in SC saw me jumping out the back relegated to bus :-O in winter headed to Fort Bragg Gallant Knight 1981, I was in a covered M-35 Deuce surrounded by A-3 Bags and in my mummy down sleeping not bad a bit cool…5th Combat Communications Group- Gators- Warner Robbins GA -4th Combat Communications SQ, Kwang Ju South Korea…GA – SC-NC-AZ-NM CO-TX (What wipers, heat, AC open the window) Better now have :-O within the state and too many overseas (much more dangerous traffic). Should have seen them in McDonalds in SC for lunch break…about 100 of us at that time where I got caught by my Capt jumping out of deuce, hey had a big mac attack.

    Qualified to drive M-35 M36 DED M923/XM813/M54 M151 Jeep 4X4, and about 6 other M-series vehicles and Pintle Hook qualified (still have some o f these today)…

    http://www.robins.af.mil/library/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=6232 (5th)
    http://www.military.com/HomePage/UnitPageHistory/1,13506,701576%257C700549,00.html (4th)

    🙂 Dave


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