• This is a teasing view of that beautiful schooner, Donna.

    Some folks might be interested in this position report posted by Lynx on the American Schooner Association Facebook page just before noon Saturday…….”The Lynx is currently 38.06.3 x 074.55.3 c220m, s7kts. Breeze has picked up this morning from f4 to f5 and backed a point, so we have struck the foretops’l and are proceeding at a comfortable 7 kts, having made 7’s and 8’s all night under foretops’l alone. This puts our arrival in Norfolk ahead a bit. At this rate we should be there early tomorrow morning. All’s well aboard, though the weather has been cold and rainy since Thursday night, so i think the crew is ready to have a day in town to get showered, thawed, and dried. I plan on giving an updated eta for Norfolk once we come ’round Cape Charles, start heading up the bay, and get an idea of what kind of time we’ll be able to make under the prevailing conditions.

    Captain Andrew Peterson & the Lynx Crew”


  • Very nice photo and shows how the tide makes a major difference – I remember going into goose cove with a buddy in his speedboad and we almost got stuck as tide was going out…:-)


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