A whole lotta shakin goin on…Thursday Night Blues Party with Dave Sag’s To host Lisa Marie and Silvertone Steve ~ Tonight 8-11 @ The Rhumb Line

dsMan, I had a great Thanksgiving. I put on 2 pounds, lost my cell phone, and held a detailed argument with myself over adherence to the itmosphere. I found my phone and lost my mind and the argument. Now I’m ready for wellness with the addition of Ms. Lisa Marie to the show  tonight. And may I say, I can’t wait! The Divine Miss LM is one of the most beloved and heuristically hot smoking pals i’ve got. I’m talking lineups. She tends to bring out the best in her fans and the worst in my digestion, which is fine with me. Nothing three martinis can’t cure.
She’ll and her compadres will be dropped off by a series of drones supplied by Jeff Beezlebub, late of Amazon. Com. These include a version of Mr. Silvertone Steve, guitarist non pareil, and Mr. Dana Bonardi, goatskin whisker, on bongos. These specimens have just been released from MGH after a thorough investigation into their unusual growth of a third cojóne.I’Il be in the corner, wearing a full-face respirator, and looking like Vincent Price. Eat lots of garlic.
And, again, for those of you into Jello® and Depends®, I’ll be at the Rose Baker Senior Center next Two Mondays from 1 to 3, with the Good Old salty Jazz Band.you gotta see this. Forget Woodstock; this is more appropriate.



40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA

phone: 978-283-9732


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