How big is your Bathtub this Xmas?

How big is your Bathtub this Xmas?

Adopt a Whale From Ocean Alliance for This Xmas.

From Amy Kerr;

“Buy a priceless gift that supports whales and ocean conservation.

Humpback Whales are among the best known and most loved of all whales. From their playful aerial behaviours, a delight of whale watchers around the world, to their haunting and mysterious songs, humpback whales capture the imagination of young and old alike.

Humpbacks are primarily identified by the distinct characteristics of the black and white pigmentation on the underside of their flukes (tails). This pattern is as unique as human fingerprints, and allows us to photograph this pattern, identify specific whales and determine their offspring. With Ocean Alliance, you do not only support one individual whale, but a whole family of whales! Five humpback matriarchs (female heads of families) are offered through our whale sponsorship program. These matriarchs have been chosen because they are consistently sighted with their growing families and have been since the early 1980’s. These families have endeared themselves to casual whale watchers and Ocean Alliance researchers alike.

Adopting a whale gives whale lovers an opportunity to share the unique experience of getting to know these very special individuals and their families. This winter buy a holiday gift that will keep on giving!  Click on any of the items below to learn more!”


  • Adopt and office in the paint factory that is not paying taxes to the city of Gloucester


    • WOW! So skeptical “Happy”.
      I was one like you not too long ago.
      After seeing our tax money being spent on Humans who could give 2 shits about “us” taxpayers who think they have all the services of the USA coming to them because of being held down by the “MAN”. Look around at the layabouts in their Sweatpant Pajammies and crooked Baseball caps smoking and drinking walking around town on our dime. With cellphones I couldn’t afford using their EBT card. Blaming us the taxpayers for their situation. I’d rather give it to the Whales.


  • Nice to watch also! When they come up along side of you while out in the your speedboat crossing over to Cranes Beach brings a whole new meaning to “big bathtub” and what a sight as long as they don’t nuge you or get too close when you see their shadow or eyes time to move on.. Merry XMAS Paul


  • :-O —-:-(


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