Did You Make Olive Cunsati For Thanksgiving Yet?

PrintI know in our family it would be a holiday without  Olive Cunsati on the table. I made it this morning after visiting Joe Virgilio at his family run Italian Bakery here in Gloucester on Main Street….There is still plenty of time to get downtown to Virgilio’s Bakery and pick up Sicilian Green Colossal Olives  from Joe and make a batch for your holiday table tomorrow! Tell him Sista sent you in, he  and his staff will take good care of you!


Click The Picture For The Video at The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times Site


My recipe and Cooking video tutorial QR Code for Marinated Vegetable Salad With Olives “Alivi Cunsati” is on page 200 in my newly released cookbook Gifts of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest” Click Link below to order on line



While shopping at Virgilio’s Bakery this morning Joe shared a sample of their Semolina Olive Bread…It was delicious! I’m planning to make a pork loin dinner this evening for my family and can’t wait to incorporate it into the meal in some way …I’ll keep you all posted I have an idea for a stuffing swirling around in my head right now, but must stick to preparing my feast for tomorrow first!



  • Sista…did you know there is a alcoholic beverage called something like sea salt and caramel?…I belive its a vodka…not sure though. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Have Peace.


  • Thanks Felicia! Definitely making this when I get back!


  • This looks really good and the olive item I did not know of the video adds to post. I really like the way you held you hand on top of knife when cutting the carrot…I’m talking from experience here when mine slipped making a stew bandaid please. Ouch…solid all the way around and the bread too! 🙂

    P.S. I noticed the egg plant on Menu in back ground so thought a little music may help dedicated to those who do the food like no others can! 

    Michael Franks – Eggplant


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