Coconut Loves Her Sunday Dinner

Christmas eight years ago, an elf dressed in traditional elf attire, holding a red velvet pocketbook, knocked at our backdoor with special delivery from Santa for a little girl named Amanda. After the screaming and yelling caused by the excitement of seeing an elf standing at the back door subsided, my stunned and in shock daughter raised her hand replying in her sweet raspy voice, “my name is Amanda.” The elf bent down eye level to Amanda carefully handed the red velvet bag to her. the elf explained that Mr. and Mrs. Claus wanted her to receive this very special Christmas gift one week early. Peeking out from the open end of the bag was a fluffy snow white fur ball with a little button nose. The look on our little girl’s face was priceless and that very moment is one our friends and family visiting that night will never forget. The elf quickly vanished into the dark of the night and from that point on our family life was forever changed. A note from Santa was attached to the bag explaining that Mrs. Claus had chosen to name this adorable snowball “Coconut.” Two hours later in the thick of celebrating my husbands birthday, Amanda tapped me on the shoulder and asked me, “Mommy where did this dog come from and who does it belong to?” It was at that moment we all realized that she truly was in shock and had no recollection of the elf knocking at the back door….A priceless Christmas story and moment in time my husband, family, friends, and I will never forget!





Coconut loves her Sunday Pasta…

Every Sunday for the past eight years Coconut waits patiently by my stovetop for her Sunday Pasta Sugu Dinner! Mr. and Mrs. Claus must have know she had some Sicilian blood running through her veins.  Let the Holiday season begin, and lets all welcome the new memories into our lives.




Santa must have known she had some Sicilian blood running through her body when he sent her to join our family, because she  licks her lips and bowl clean every week!

Sunday Sauce and Meatball recipe is featured in my newly released cookbook “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest” Click link below to order online


  • What an adorable face she has.


    • Thank you Kathleen…I researched several different breeds of dog, and the characteristics of the Coton de Tulear breed seemed to fit our family needs perfectly. After viewing hundreds of photos online, a breeder from Washington state sent an email with photos from her newest litter…there was something about Coconuts face that I instantly fell in love with. She is wonderful in every way!


  • This is very nice and a gift that gives forever thanks! Cheered up my day this way we are getting ready for the lake effect according to weather man up 7 inches of snow? But no lake sea surrounding south korea clouds are coming in getting dark! 🙂


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