GloucesterCast 11/24/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Toby Pett

 GloucesterCast Taped 11/24/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Toby Pett



Topics Include: Coffee From The DR: Cafe Molido,  Sleeping and Caffeine, New Sticky Fingers Bakery, What Would You Do With City of Gloucester Free Cash, New Steps In Front Of The Police Station, Ken Hecht, Dollar Shave Club, Gillette vs Dollar Shave Club, Peppermint Scented Ass Wipes, Vickie Van Ness’ Holiday Fair Guide (post of the week), Thankless People, Seacoast Holiday Fair, Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Harvest Market, Mailtland Farm Spicy Pickles, Duckworth’s Bistrot Pickle Juice Martini, New GMG Technical Jerseys, Dressing For Winter, Thanksgiving Eve at The Rhumb Line, Local Joints Open For Breakfast On Thanksgiving Morning, New Management At Former Catch 22/Fiesta Pub, Trina Fuller, Mexican Touch.

DSC00972 DSC00974


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  • Very interesting podcast and like what you both had to say. I am somewhat confused by having to pay for (school bus) state-federal funds, public school unless I missed something as I was listening while multi-tasking. When family moved west we lived on private land in the National forest dirt road and school was about 5 miles away. The regular school bus would not come out to where we lived…so either dad would bring us to school on a tractor pulled wagon or VW bus, catch a ride with another and the state paid him gas mileage to drive us this was fall 1968…Or option (B) walk 10 miles round trip. When moved into town little closer but still 2 miles round-trip.
    My old insurance company vehicle insurance (USAA) would give back to you if there were less claims and more cash flow (Dividends so to speak)…
    Thanks- Dave 🙂


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