The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Yesterday a package was waiting by my doorstep when I arrived home from Boston. I knew exactly what inside! Columbian candy and a case of Cinnamon Ceylon Sticks from our friends in Columbia. Several years ago we hosted a young girl from Armenia Colombia, who had come to America to train for tennis at the Manchester Athletic Club, with our daughter Amanda. During her stay with us, she made several trips to Boston’s North End with our family to buy specialty Italian cooking and baking supplies. Over the months she realized how much cinnamon I used, and was surprised at how difficult it was to purchase in America. In her town back in Columbia, cinnamon was sold on nearly every street corner and store. Without me knowing she called home to her family and requested to have some sent as a surprise before she departed. Some cinnamon turned into a case of cinnamon, that now arrives each year just before the holiday season begins. Mucho Gratias Zamira and Melvia Vasquez. I think of them every time I smell the aromas of that yummy cinnamon.

Last year, with my cookbook in the works and knowing what recipes were going to be included, I went to see Kate at Common Crow here in Gloucester. I asked if she could find this particular variety of cinnamon, and be willing to carry it in the store, and shared  that people would have difficulty finding it this ingredient locally once my Cookbook was released. After sharing the nearest place to purchase it currently was Boston Kate agreed to look into it for me. I stopped by to see Kate this morning and I’m thrilled to report that she came through!

The Common Crow  Natural Market is located at 6 Elm Street Gloucester, Massachusetts.





Get to Common Crow and stock up for the holidays…Once you taste the difference in flavor from this verity verse the already store bought ground cinnamon found pre packaged on the shelves of the grocery store you will only want to use this verity when cooking and baking. It’s delicious!

cinnimon 1

Freshly Ground Ceylon Cinnamon


1 Break cinnamon sticks in small pieces; place into a clean coffee bean grinder


2  grind into fine powder


cinnimon 3

3 Store in airtight container; will last several months


A Special Note From Sista Felicia~I always store my ground cinnamon in my baking cabinet in a Smucker’s Sweet Orange Marmalade Jar, just as my Grandmother Felicia did!


  • I have never thought to do this but having now seen your step by step instructions plus where to buy it it seems like a no brainer – I can’t wait to get over to the Common Crow. Thanks Felicia you really know alot and I appreciate that you share your knowledge!


  • Thanks so much for thinking everything through about your cookbook and encouraging local stores to carry special products like this, what a win-win for everyone. I do usually buy whole cinnamon sticks and grind them, but I’m sure the generic ones in the supermarket aren’t nearly as good as these, will also get to Common Crow asap for this!


  • What a wonderful story ~ on all levels! I have a teaspoon of cinnamon in a kale juice every day ~ grinding my own ~ even better! I’m on google hunt for Ceylon cinnamon in Annapolis ~ plenty of odd jars in my house. Yum, thanks for passing that along.


    • Does cinnamon and kale have something in it that is beneficial and we don’t know about? If so do you serve it hot or cold? I have one of the NtraBullets and am always looking for something easy to use it on.


  • Your grandmother sounds like a special lady ~ no wonder you are so creative ~ thanks, carol, xxx


  • I have been looking for Organic Ceylon Cinnamon for a while. I went to “Common Crow” website to see if they offered mail order. Cinnamon and a little honey are great is a great way to boost your immune system. I hope to get to Gloucester before the snow comes !!
    Thanks for all your wonderful information.


  • YES, I love it. Last year for christmas, my daughter gave me a nutri bullet. I like this juicer because it does not extract the pulp or chi seeds or flax meal you get the benefit from everything. You should have received a “cook book” along with the juicer. My usual recipe ~ in order ~ fill bottom half of the large bullet with fresh leafy kale followed by 1 teaspoon cinnamon (for blood sugar), one helping teaspoon flax seed meal (friendly fiber), chi seeds (because my daughter said so), followed by fruits of choice. I usually add strawberries and blueberries. Half a bananna will make the juice creamy, granny smiths will be tart (also use Granny Smith for pie). You could add honey or agave. Add water, some times add a little zero water, to the fluid line on the bullet. This juice does not tast like kale. If so, adjust to taste. That’s it, blend, add a straw or pour into one of Felecia’s large mason jars with a straw and enjoy. Nice to use the mason jar with lid if you are on the run.


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