Bean Curds. Really?

So Kim Smith asks if I’d like her to pick up lunch today.  My cousin Joe Marcantonio a while back suggested I try out the Chinese restaurant on Washington St- Midori.

So wanting to step outside of the box a little I suggest to Kim Smith that she pick up something from Midori but not something deep fried and greasy.

She suggests some veggies with bean curds.

Now I ask you.  Who in the world would make this kind of suggestion outside of the obvious Kim Smith?

Bean curds?  As in some farmer feeds his cows beans and they collect the been laden feces and make it into bean curds?

Uhmmm no thanks Kim.  Think I’ll take a pass on the bean curds and veggies.

Bean curds?

Only commies eat bean curds.  Mark my words.  Next time you hear someone order bean curds in a restaurant you can rest assured they’re a commie.



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