FOB Ann Kennedy Shares About Meatloaf and Turkeys

Good morning, Kim.  I so enjoy your GMG posts and have been meaning to send a quick email.  Your great meatloaf post really gave me a chuckle–in the fondest way!  Recently I read one of my mother’s letters in which she had made a 6 lb. meatloaf for a PTA supper long ago, of course.  My brother and I didn’t like meatloaf and never really learned to either.   One night, she was constructing a very, very large stuffed meatloaf that was to be formed into a long log of sorts.  It didn’t fit in the pan and so she curved it until it fit.  My brother and I wandered into the kitchen to discover this awful looking thing and decided to help it out.  We sliced a pimento stuffed green olive to make 2 eyes, and added toothpicks for antennae, making it look like a giant, mythical caterpillar.  Quite an ugly thing!  Anyway, when Mom discovered it we all had a good chuckle and we were ordered out of the kitchen–the first time in our lives that ever happened:-)

I loved your recent turkey photo.  When I travel across the state via Amtrak (the slow route), the autumn fields are full of flocks of wild turkeys, seeking corn leftover from the harvest.  The train eventually travels along the Missouri River, and sometimes I’ll see a turkey at the river’s edge.

I hope you enjoy this marvelous season, and I look forward to your new and interesting posts.  By the way, I might enjoy your meatloaf since it includes bacon:-)

Kindest regards,


Anne Kennedy Haddock and DillAnn and Her Brother in a Japanese Tub

Visit Ann’s stellar blog, Haddock and Dill, which was inspired by a 40 year written correspondence between her mother and grandmother. It is a blog of letters that chronicle the life of one American family. The collection of nearly 2000 letters, notes and cards contain photos, clippings, and comments on everyday life, beginning in 1941.


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