New Film: Love Letters to Gloucester ~ Summertime 2013

Love Letters to Gloucester ~ Summer 2013 is a ten minute film compiled from butterfly films in progress and scenes from short films created for my community during the summer of 2013.

Special thanks to the Ciaramitaro Family and my Good Morning Gloucester friends and family.

Stay until after all credits roll to see a preview of films yet to come!

Cast In Order of Appearance:

Good Harbor Beach Surfers, Pat Ciaramitaro, Dante Holding, Amanda Mohan, Vanessa Linquata, Greasy Pole Walkers, Nicky Avelis, Sleepy Pallazolla Family, Crazy Hat Ladies Robyn & Amy Clayton, Alicia Cox, Chris DeWolfe, Joey Ciaramitaro, Bex Borden, Toby Pett, Ed Collard, Melissa Cox, Craig Kimberley, Brian M. O’Connor, Captain Heath Ellis, Captain Tom Ellis, Donna Ardizonni, Cathy Kelley, Lillian LoGrasso, Rick Doucette, Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan, Barry Mohan, Hannah Kimberley, Ron Gilson, Joan Gilson, BJ Mohan, Eloise Ciaramitaro, Madeline Ciaramitaro, Kathy Ryan, Bob Ryan

Creatures in Order of Appearance:

Great Blue Heron
Good Harbor Beach Harbor Seal
Mama Kildeer Searching for Baby Kildeer
Pair of Whimbrels
Shivering Monarch Butterfly Found at Daybreak
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Donkeys Zack & Abe
Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Luna Moth
Green Darner Dragonfly Migration
Eastern Point Light House Monarch

Links to Summer 2013 Film Projects:

Beauty on the Wing ~ Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly
Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Walking for Loved Ones ~ Sunday Greasy Pole Winner Nicky Avelis
Parade of Sails ~ Schooner Festival 2013
The Good Harbor Beach Seal PSA
Gifts of Gold Red Carpet Interviews
Good Harbor Beach Sunrise ft. the Great Blue Heron
Sunset Sail Aboard the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon
Happy Horribles
A Luna Moth Takes Flight

About Kim Smith

Currently creating documentary films about the Monarch Butterfly, Black Swallowtail Butterfly, and Gloucester's Feast of St. Joseph. Landscape designer for the Gloucester Harbor Walk Gardens. Designer, lecturer, author, illustrator, photographer. Visit my blog for more information about my landscape and interior design firm- Good Morning Gloucester daily contributor. Author/illustrator "Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden"
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60 Responses to New Film: Love Letters to Gloucester ~ Summertime 2013

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing film Kim thank you for taking the time to beautifully recap the past few months…we are so lucky to live on this beautiful Island of Cape Ann.

  2. Nancy H. Shaw says:

    Beautiful photography and such a pleasure to watch. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  3. saint707 says:

    A wonderful tribute to Gloucester. Beautifully filmed! I shared it on my FB so my friends can see why I love Gloucester so much.

  4. Toby Pett says:

    very, VERY special…Thank You…

  5. Dave Moore says:

    Excellent items and keep them coming…It means allot to us who have walked the path before called cape ann and had our childhood foundation built there! Time were not easy and there were challenges but you always had somebody to go to for advice or guidance. “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say – Bryant McGill…

    And I am all ears (star trek Spock)? How else do you learn? :-)

  6. Beautiful ~ I’ve watched it 3 times. The first 2times I could not get past “somewhere over the rainbow”. Happily, I finally made it through ~ then watched ” more from Kim Smith”. Looking forward to your winter offerings ;)

    • Kim Smith says:

      Thank you Mary–I appreciate so much you saying that.

      The very last bit of footage at the EP Lighthouse took about three hours to capture and when the light was hitting the lighthouse in just the most Edward Hopperish moment, that Monarch did just what I had been hoping for!!

  7. alicia cox says:

    I love ur movies kim. You not only capture beautiful footage but i love the song selections always perfect! Thanks for reminding me that we did have a awesome summer!

  8. This is the most beautiful film..

  9. Susan canning says:

    Lovely! What a beautiful city we have!

  10. schooner39 says:

    Kim, your energy and creativity are a gift to us all. This surely took a great deal of time from your busy schedule.
    Thank you.

  11. Vickie Grassman says:

    This perfectly captures the spirit and beauty of Gloucester. Thank you for sharing. I live in Kentucky and am in the process of moving to Gloucester at the end of October. I can’t wait to share this with my friends and family so they can understand the lure of Cape Ann.

  12. Len says:

    Another Gem. I agree with Allan you are a creative gift to us all.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Thank you to you and Al for saying that Len. Very awe-inspiring community.

      I loved your flaming man photos–very interesting about the cotton suit underneath the cape. Good to you and Al at EJ’s yesterday.

  13. Christopher says:

    This really is lovely. A great re-cap to another AMAZING summer on Cape Ann.

  14. brenda says:

    Beautiful, Kim…Thank you.

  15. Solange says:

    just glorious ! Touching in its beauty, from the grandeur of sunsets to the humble insects, a tribute to Nature and Life on this very special cape ….Please let us admire it, be thankful, and preserve it . thank you .

  16. Craig Kimberley says:


  17. Vickie & Peter says:

    You have a rare talent, Kim! If I didn’t live here, this film would make me want to move.

  18. Great soundtrack, Amazing footage, Terrific Direction, and Stellar edits. FANTABULOUS work, Kim!

  19. Ann Kennedy says:

    Heartfelt thanks, Kim, for the reminder of why we return to Cape Ann each year, and for a gorgeous visual reply to the question so often asked of us! A totally lovely work!

  20. Robert Publicover says:

    Kim, once again you have left me misty eyed. I love your art. It moves me, enlightens me, instructs me, and inspires me. Thank you for keeping Gloucester alive for those of us now living elsewhere. And thank you for introducing me to Groenland, the band. (iTunes here I come) I already know the massive land and ice mass of the same name, having spent a year (1968-69) on Sondrestrom Fjord courtesy of Uncle Sam and the USAF. Keep up the great work.

  21. Just beautiful. Thank you.

  22. Grammy Kathy says:

    This is such a beautiful tribute to Gloucester & the wonderful people who make up the community. I live in Ipswich but this site has brought my over to Gloucester to enjoy what your community has to offer. Your film & your music really shows your love of your town… Thank you for sharing…

  23. S.D. Kelly says:

    Ditto on all the love expressed in the previous comments, Kim. Well-deserved. I loved watching this video homage to summer 2013, and always find your creative energy and output to be so inspiring!

  24. E.J. says:

    Incredible job Kim – too beautiful for words.

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  26. What a lovely way to start the day today! Your film is just beautiful and I love the intertwining of the people of Gloucester with the creatures of Gloucester. Magnificent! And the music is perfect. Love “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Can’t remember who is singing, but it’s such a great arrangement. Thanks, Kim. You are certainly special and a gift to Gloucester! (and Rockport! LOL)

    • Kim Smith says:

      I almost didn’t see your comments Susan. Thank you for all your kind words–very much appreciated.

      Hawaii’s much beloved and native son Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is singing and playing the ukelele.

  27. Certainly I watched again ~ with the same emotion. I looked back to my comment of October 14 – “looking forward to your winter offerings” ~ hope all is going well in Mexico!

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