45 Years Ago In The Yarmoth County (Nova Scotia) Vanguard…

Linn Parisi Submits-

Hi Joey,

I thought GMG readers would appreciate this blast from the past seen today in The Yarmouth County (Nova Scotia) Vanguard newspaper. 45 years later: We’re still waiting. Think it will ever happen?!



The latest on a proposed second ferry service between Nova Scotia and New England was that Gloucester, Massachusetts, still might be the American destination for the new ferry, although Portsmouth, New Hampshire, seemed a likelier candidate, the Vanguard reported in its Oct. 9, 1968 edition. The Nova Scotia port for the service had yet to be announced officially, the paper said, but it looked like Yarmouth would get it, given the terminal facilities already in place here and the town’s location vis-à-vis the highways to the valley and south shore. The new ship was being built in Sweden.


  • I have been waiting for this ferry service to happen for over 30 years, even before I had a retail gallery in Gloucester. I just LOVE Nova Scotia and it’s people. I’ve been there half a dozen times, with tent and camera. So, if I can help the effort along, I’ll be happy to contribute my photos and experiences of the ferry trip and of stunning Cape Breton, beautiful Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, and the Annapolis Valley. Now we have the Cruiseport, which was built for ship traffic. I’ll bet Mayor Kirk and her team will get behind this. Many Nova Scotians have come here on fishing schooners and never left. “Bluenoses.” Howard Blackburn for one. They’re part of our history.


  • Good things come to those that wait and this -Parisi names sounds real familiar Bayview fire department member or relation? I also went to school at Beeman with some young lads same name 1967.


  • Isn’t there a high speed catamaran that goes from Portland to Yarmouth?
    Maybe, if business is good, they could have another high speed ferry from Glosta.


  • Fred: Sen. Bruce Tarr has tried. Maybe it’s time to try again?
    Dave Moore: I’m not a Parisi but married one 🙂 He went to Maplewood School. Maybe you went to Beeman w/ Nick Parisi from Lanesville (he’s a mason by trade) or one of the other out of dozens of Parisi boys from Gloucester lol? Linn


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