Beautiful Saturday September Morning

Twin Light Sunrise good harbor Beach ©Kim Smith 2013I awoke this morning before dawn to film sunrise and found a sweet gift of Virgilios sauce and amazingly fat rigatonis in the basket on my front porch. I am recovering from a leg operation and my friend Catherine Ryan called at the very moment that I was trying my personal recovery technique–on the floor doing a shoulder stand, with phone in hand–and she really got an earful. Thank you Catherine for listening to me complain about itchy leg braces and hospitals. I gave her the wrong impression though because I can walk and work–I just cannot sit or stand in one place for very long.

Good Harbor beach ©Kim Smith 2013

After putting the sauce and pasta in the cupboard I left to go film, and once again, the exquisite Great Blue Heron was there at Good Harbor Beach fishing amongst the reeds. For the third morning in a row I have observed a flock of cormorants leaving Salt Island en masse to fish with the gulls in the outgoing surf along the shoreline. I wonder, do they sleep there every night?

Sailor Stans ©Kim Smith 2013Next stop was to a friend’s home on Rocky Neck to drop off peaches from my garden. The light was hitting the Sailor’s Stan’s sunflowers perfectly and I just had to stop and take several snapshots.

Sailor Stans Sunflower ©Kim Smith 2013

By now it’s after 8:00 and I almost always go to yoga on Saturday mornings but because of the stitches, thought better of it and instead went to measure a new border at the Gloucester HarborWalk.

Gloucester harbor walk Gardens ©Kim Smith 2013 copyBlooming today at the HarborWalk are asters, goldenrod, annual rudbeckia, and salvia.

Long Hill Beverly ©Kim Smith 2013Next stop was the farm stand and then on to Pick Your Own at Long Hill in Beverly. In case any pollinators stop by, I prefer to leave my own zinnias growing in the garden and just love the array of colors in the Long Hill garden mix.

All this gorgeousness before 10:00 and I still have a work day if front of me, but it’s been a September Saturday morning I won’t soon forget! For all these gifts, of friendship and of the beauty that surrounds, I am counting my blessings.


  • Wow!!! Great shots, Kim.


  • Oh what color~Sailor Stan’s never looked so good! Wishes for a quick recovery are sent your way.


  • Thank you for sharing both the gift of your amazing photography and the gift of Gloucester’s spectacular beauty. I felt that I was home again, right there with you. What a lovely morning!


  • Sounds like you have many to count, Kim, including a good eye. And wait, you have a peach tree? I had no idea that they would grow so far north. Heal up quick.


    • Thanks so much Bill–yes we have a WONDERFUL peach trees–it’s quite small, but in addition to all the peaches we ate out of hand and made into smoothies this past summer, I froze 10 quarts! Ours is a ‘Belle of Georgia’ white-fleshed peach tree and she is hardy through zone 5.

      This is a plug for my book “Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities ~ Notes from a Gloucester Garden,” which I both wrote and illustrated, published by David R. Godine–where you can read all about growing peaches in our climate, and apricots and pears, too.


  • Get well soon. Love your post.


  • Excellent keep them coming – place to just be in the beauty of the moment- pictures what a nice way to reflect and relax! As a young lad did some yard work and general chores around Manships place – he had some peach trees and pear tree’s I seem to recall behind the barn between the quarries…I think there are some Bronze sculptures of bears by one quarry now 3 of them?
    Yes even us 12-13 year old have that special girlfriend from younger days then! 
    Andy Williams – On The Street Where You Live


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